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Yara Ghrewati

Yara Ghrewati

An adventurous and engaging storyteller

Yara is a Bushcraft, Survival & Archery Instructor, Presenter, Public Speaker, Human Rights & Environmental Campaigner and Creative Media Artist. An adventurous and engaging storyteller taking audiences on an exciting journey into tropical rainforests, living with tribes, tree conservation and learning jungle survival skills.

Yara’s exciting talks inspire a connection to the natural world, environment and conservation. Expressing imaginative stories on voluntary work abroad, conservation projects, campaigning, living in the wild, jungle expeditions and survival in tropical rainforests.

Sharing valuable insight into ancient trees, woodlands, rainforests, tribal cultures and investigating sustainability & human connections to the natural world.

Yara learned to survive in the jungle using only a machete, adopting valuable skills from remote rainforest communities and spent time with Shamans in the Amazon rainforest studying medicinal plants. She teaches outdoor skills and raises awareness on woodland conservation in the UK & internationally.

She established an outdoor company called Wildeye Adventures in 2016 encouraging environmental and outdoor education in woodlands.

As an ambassador for the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation organisation, Yara campaigns for the protection, preservation, regeneration and restoration of ancient woodland and promotes tree-planting projects with schools and communities.

Having travelled to remote environments to lead conservation projects, teach survival skills, assist on expeditions and design backpacking travel adventures for gap year volunteers. Yara has volunteered an English teacher, managed campaigns for charity organisations, fundraised for environmental projects and helped to build an Orang-utan rehabilitation Centre in a Wildlife Reserve in Borneo. Yara’s interviewing and interpersonal skills have connected her to a wide range of multi-skilled people in different creative fields.

Yara founded the Natural Healing Show on UK Health Radio, a platform raising awareness on natural health and the natural world. She is a big advocate on the physical & mental healing benefits of spending time around trees, woodlands and nature. She was featured in the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine Sept 2017 issue on ‘Women in the Wild’ and is the 2018 presenter of The Bushcraft Show. She has appeared on ITV News speaking about the importance of having a positive mental attitude in Survival.

Yara’s love for the natural world motivates others to embrace new experiences. Encouraging youth to ‘step outside of the box’ to accomplish goals and feel self-empowered.

She intuitively connects with her audience, inspiring individuals to be self-driven and to discover new abilities beyond their comfort zone to evolve independence, communication and teamwork.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Yara was great thanks. She was brilliant addressing our Lower Sixth boys: it’s rare to see 140-odd of them so attentive! Her hard-core credentials were established with some pretty tough stories about leeches, jungle marches and floods but, it was her inspiring message that we can all make a difference to the world through thoughtful conservation projects and the ripple effects these can have really set her apart. Trees have a great advocate in Yara and I know our boys are looking at them differently this morning!"

– Michael Herring,​ Assistant Head of Upper School and Teacher of History, Merchant Taylors’ School

"Her talk was incredibly inspiring and showed the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone. I spent the next two days excitedly looking up volunteering opportunities abroad."

– Tilly Wax, The Speaker Captain, South Hampstead High School

"Yara speaks from her heart about the environment and voluntary work abroad and how we can all make a positive difference to the world we live in, her passion is infectious!"

– John Sullivan, Elite Survival Training

"Great presentation on the jungle by Yara. She told her story of how her young London life wasn't satisfying her so she made a change. Stripped of creature comforts Yara travelled the globe and sought after adventures we only read in books or see on TV, truly life changing experiences. Students were enthralled at her story and at the end many students stayed behind to ask questions. Yara is a fantastic role model!"

– Mark Petheram, Teacher, The International School of Hague, Holland

"Yara has a positive aura that radiates throughout her talk. She engages strongly with the youth when sharing her own life experiences, motivating youth in believing in themselves and assisting them in visualising the bigger picture. She works well at inspiring young people to develop themselves with their own individual life experiences"

– Natasha Harber, Teaching Assistant, Hedgewood School

"When Yara speaks to a group of young people they are attentive and listening as she makes what she has to say exciting, interesting and appropriate for her audience."

– Chloe Pereira de Mello, Learning Support Assistant, Paray House

At the Newark Well Being Show, I met Yara Ghrewati. During our conversations not only did I find her a captivating lady, the information she passed on, seems to be of national importance. Anyone with an interest in The U.K’s ecology should to listen to Yara’s insightful words. She talks about our National Environmental Heritage and the healing properties of being within woodland and forests.”

– Ian Timothy, Founder of Lizian Events

“Nature is humankinds healer. Yara is one of finest advocates of the environmental preservation message. Listening to her talk about the differing aspects of her work is inspiring. I would not be surprised if this lady achieves international recognition for her clarity and ability to explain the problems we all have to face. Thank You Yara.”

– Janine (Lizian Events Blog)

"Yara is an inspirational speaker that holds the attention and imagination of her audience"

– Kelly Cure, Teacher, Bank Leaze Primary School​

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