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Brad Frankel

Brad Frankel

Explorer and adventurer educating others about sustainable tourism, conservation, culture and careers

Brad studied Marine Biology at Portsmouth University and as a result of this travelled the world twice over. This experience gave him an insight into a range of different cultures and communities, and inspired him to want to educate others on a variety of global issues, using travel as a vehicle to drive this message.

He uses his own experiences to demonstrate the importance of both successes and failures and how through travel we get to see the world from a different perspective and become better global citizens. We become global thinkers and develop a range of personal and professional attributes that can’t be taught in the classroom, such as empathy and purpose. Through his own journey and call to adventure, he has designed and developed educational programmes that inspire change in younger generations.

Brad bespokes his talks for a variety of student cohorts, depending on their age and subject. This enables him to connect with them on a deeper level and to help them understand the importance of life lessons. Through a storytelling approach, he tells adventurous tales that engage students and through this recognition of his own personal development, he helps them to appreciate the skills they possess, the subjects they enjoy and the areas they are passionate about.

Testimonials from Teachers

"The presentation met and exceeded expectations. The students gave very positive feedback describing the speakers as engaging and informative. Students were given an interesting insight into topics such as conservation"

– Sarah Miles, Careers Advisor, Wycombe High School

"Brad delivered a first-rate presentation that engaged fully the whole year group. He connected extremely well with our young people and staff/students alike were truly impressed. Many Thanks"

– Paul Smith, Head of Year 12, Oaklands Catholic School

"It's not often that I say this but I am simply blown away by you and your company. Its rare that anyone comes in and has this kind of impact on me or the students, I really like what you guys are about, I like that you are bringing a freshness to some of these really big problems and connecting with the audience on their level."

– Rachel James, Growth Mindset Coordinator, Bourne Community College​

"It was good to have him in and he seemed to engage well with students. I spoke with a few who were very complimentary about his talk. Thank you for your support arranging the session."

– James Alderson, Head of Sxth Form, New Hall School

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