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Alex da Silva

Alex da Silva

From a dying addict to a TEDx speaker, helping to change the world, one person at a time.

Alex was born in Brazil in a poor family and was fortunate to come to the UK at the age of 11 without speaking the language. Alex had a strained relationship with his mother and he grew up believing his father had died until he found out the truth at the age of 32. He survived various forms of abuse (mental, physical and sexual), bullying, anxiety and fears throughout childhood always feeling like he was not good enough.

Alex went on to become a successful professional but suffered from years of mental health problems and addiction issues (drugs, alcohol, food and sex) and at lowest points in his life he tried to commit suicide three times and had two drug induced overdoses. Alex found recovery through the 12 step program and discovered mindfulness meditation whilst having therapy with a Buddhist monk. Discovering his incredible talent for speaking and helping people, today Alex helps people globally with his company Happy As Larry Group.

Alex uses a unique combination of emotional intelligence, coaching and mindfulness techniques to help people around the world overcome adversity, suffering and helps them to find true happiness and fulfillment. Alex has recently spoken on a TEDx stage at the University of Chester, speaking on the topic of the future works. His talk was about “A journey to your future self”, where he took the audience on a powerful journey of regret, self-discovery and creating an amazing yet unknown future. He also showed the audience how he went from a dying addict to manifesting himself standing on the TEDx stage. Alex is extremely passionate about his work and helping others. Alex and his company's mission statement is to help change the world, one person at a time. He wants to ensure every person he reaches finds the happiness and love he has today for himself. In a world where the suicide rate in men is extremely high, Alex also focuses on speaking to men and helping them overcome the stigma attached to men showing emotions and speaking up about personal issues.

Alex's talks, seminars and workshops have one purpose; to motivate you, inspire you and change your life. Alex has learned that through every experience, every failure, every pain suffered, he grew stronger and he learned more. His passion for learning, personal growth and spiritual development has given him incredible tools which he now utilizes in his practices. Alex is going to give his audience honesty, truth, realness and authenticity. His delivery is genuine, humbling and will leave you motivated and inspired to make a change.

Watch Alex's TED Talk here.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Talk was engaging and from the heart- it was really interesting as a teacher to listen to the psychological processes behind preparing to talk publicly, as well as the art of it. The students really took a lot away from it and their debates in the afternoon were stellar. Thanks again, and I'm going to ask my deputy head about having Alex back in for staff CPD as well."

– Charlotte Harrison, Director of Sixth Form, St Margaret's School

"Alex was definitely an inspiring speaker - he really captured the boys' attention and had a lovely manner with them. He was totally honest and gave 'from the heart' advice with out being condescending. I was very impressed that he managed to get them all to close their eyes and picture themselves in different scenarios - at first there was some giggling, but he quickly dealt with it with minimal fuss."

– Caroline Gill, Head of Year 9, St Paul's School

"Alex was one of our TEDx speakers in March 2019 for our recent TEDxUoChester event, The Future Works!. Alex delivered a thought-inspiring and provoking talk about your journey to your future self. His talk left the audience stunned and helped them see how to connect emotionally with themselves and those around them. In my years of organising events and conferences, I have never come across a speaker who got the entire audience to meditate. An unforgettable talk that will almost certainly have an impact on anyone who views it."

– Adam Crane, Licensee and Producer of TEDxUOChester

"Thank you so much for the workshop and speaking to our students. The delivery and structure was perfect! I really enjoyed how simple the day was but at the same time very informative. Alex delivered a heart-warming and truly inspiring talk, you could hear a pin drop in the room and he had myself and some of the students in tears. You inspired us all to be better and that no matter what happens to us in life, we can achieve anything and reach our dreams. Thank you so much Alex."

– Keoni Casali, Teacher, Thomas More Catholic School

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