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Anthony Day

Anthony Day

Live life green - "Will climate change your life?"

Anthony Day started his career in a water-meter factory. Since then he’s worked for an oil company, in engineering, in IT, in management consulting, in a merchant bank, in the NHS and local authorities and was once the General Secretary of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. Along the way he became an accountant and an Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

In 2005 Anthony read “The End of Oil” and started to realise the challenges of living on a finite planet. His own book “Will Climate Change your Life?” followed in 2007. Since then he’s been an independent consultant, advising companies on energy efficiency and carbon management. He’s researched the whole field of sustainability and presents to business audiences and community groups such as Rotary, Probus and U3A.

Anthony's presentations are about sustainability and the opportunities and challenges which are shaping our future. Challenges from growing population, climate change, material shortages, the risk of electricity blackouts and the need to produce ever more food. Opportunities to shape the future. To make it different, but better. Opportunities for engineers and designers, politicians and journalists, lawyers and accountants. Learn how 3-D printing is changing the world, why fracking is no silver bullet and why the economy of the future is likely to be the circular economy.

Anthony Day is an independent consultant, advising companies on energy efficiency and carbon management.

Watch Anthony in action here.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thanks again for a great webinar yesterday, we got very good attendee feedback from our post-event questionnaire."

– Bose Falk, 2degrees

"Can I quickly take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the share session on Monday morning. It was extremely well chaired by yourself, and I found it very interesting, and in fact far more useful than any others I attended all day, so thank you!"

– Emma Salter, co2balance

"Once again, thanks for yesterday's presentation. You were awesome and I think it went really well indeed."

– Martyn James, Programme Development Manager, Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the session that you led yesterday. I found it very informative and you kept it very relevant to all there."

– Paul Griffiths, NHS Kensington & Chelsea

"Anthony delivered a fantastic presentation last week to a hall packed with over 400 16-18 year old students. His talk entitled 'Sustainability - what it is, why it matters, and how it will affect your lifestyle, your family and your career for the rest of your life' was pitched at exactly the right level with engaging graphics, persuasive facts and figures, great links to external sites (watch the worlds poulation grow in real time at 3 births/second - and - most importantly - an expert, energetic and entertaining delivery style which not only held complete attention but also generated questions and inspired several students to come forward unprompted to shake his hand after the talk, offering personal thanks for sharing his knowledge and passion for his subject. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony and offer sincerest good wishes for the launch of his new enterprise Envirocew"

– Marian Farrar, Business & Community Partnerships

“Last Friday, Mr Anthony Day came to speak to both the upper and lower sixth form about sustainability. He was very engaging and enthusiastic and made many of us think of a career path that not many of us had thought of. His wealth of knowledge infused with a good scene of humour kept us interested throughout the talk. Bringing us points such as wind farms in the local area made the topics relevant to us and helped us recognise the importance of sustainability and made us think of how we could make a difference through small changes to our daily routines.”

– Deputy Head of School, Giggleswick School​

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