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Alan Mackenzie

Alan Mackenzie

e-Safety is an enabler, not a showstopper. It should never be a barrier to innovative use of technology

Alan Mackenzie delivers clear, pragmatic, up-to-date and relevant advice & guidance in the ever-changing world of e-safety and online safety.

He became a CEOP Ambassador about 10 years ago, which was a great starting point, but there is far more to e-safety; the concept of digital citizenship is growing in impetus, the world is changing, technology is diversifying at an extraordinary rate and the use of technology by children is growing massively. Whilst e-Safety is predominantly about safeguarding, the wider aspects of ‘online safety’ are really starting to come to the fore which take into account more emotional, behavioural and usage aspects of technology.

Alan is an associate member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and also partners with other companies and charities who share the same ethos in order to spread the word that e-Safety is something that can be positive and empowering.

He has worked with hundreds of schools all across England speaking to students about their online life; to parents helping them understand what many see as a minefield; to staff about their responsibilities and raising their awareness and to senior leaders and governors ensuring that the school is inspection compliant.

He also likes to get involved with projects on behalf of other companies and charities to lend a helping hand, which includes reviewing new products on the market to advise on any e-safety or safeguarding issues, writing whitepapers or articles on a range of different subjects, or to get involved and advise on new educational initiatives by others, and speaking at many conferences.

He provides many free resources for schools including free newsletters for staff and parents.

Testimonials from Teachers

"It was a great session. Alan was very engaging with all pupils and parents. The pupils came out with lots of advice and changes they can make in their online habits and the parents (including me) learnt a lot about the changes in online safety and the up and coming trends to watch out for so very successful"

– Jon Hinds, Cranmore School

"The training was invaluable, not only reinforcing how successful our e-safety in school is but also in providing forward-thinking ideas and having opportunities for dialogue with likeminded professionals who recognise the importance of esafety in school. During a recent Ofsted inspection, the inspector responsible for safeguarding, identified having a designated esafety officer as a real strength, and a contributing factor to our excellent safeguarding procedures. It is training that a member of the leadership team from every school needs to go on."

– Nicola Gough, Headteacher, Welton St. Marys Primary School

"I wanted to say how well received your visit was. It’s rare to have such unequivocal support for any consultant to the school, but I think your straightforward and pragmatic approach was welcomed by all those that you met."

– Russell Webley, Director of ICT, Southbank International School

"We had amazing feedback he went down really well and we were really impressed with his session content, so all in all a fabulous - thank you!"

– Rebecca Wren, Brand and Channel Manager, RM Education.​

"Alan's talk went very well thank you. Everything we hoped he did cover and timings were all perfect."

– Julie Ann Murphuy, Housemistress, Clayesmore School

"Alan's talk was very well received by staff and students alike, they found it interesting and informative."

– Miss Tiffany Spencer, Economics & Business Teacher, Head of PSHCE Economics and Business Studies, Ratcliffe College

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  • Technology
  • Teacher CPD
  • Online Safety

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