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Tyler Clark

Tyler Clark

Her journey from rock bottom to great success. Tyler was sent to prison and consumed by obesity, drugs and mental health. She is now a business owner, author, BBC Contributor and semi-professional athlete. Change is possible!

Tyler's life was turned upside down at the age of 13, after her parents went through a long divorce where she let go of herself and lost control of her emotions. Her mum turned to alcohol and she spent her teenage years living with an alcoholic. She went from a size 8 to a size 18 in 4 years, through binge eating and using food as a way of finding comfort.

Her mental health hit its worst at the age of 17, where she self-harmed and tried to commit suicide but was luckily found and admitted into a mental health unit. She had turned to the use of alcohol and drugs to try and block out emotional pain and trauma, she had lost all her self worth and her identity. Spending her teenage years in the midst of street life and gangs, nearly took her life.

In 2014, Tyler hit rock bottom, where she found herself in trouble with the law, a million pound drugs conspiracy involving cocaine and cannabis, she received a 3 month prison sentence. Tyler says "I lost everything. This was my turning point, my life had to change, no second chances."

Since then, Tyler wasted no time to turn her life around in 2016, her time spent in prison gave her time to recalibrate her meaning in life, she began her mission to improve herself and her life. In doing that, she found a passion for fitness and began making changes to her lifestyle and began a journey of self discovery. 5 years into this journey she found myself inspiring others to do the same, to help others is now her passion. She have been through every stage of the journey, from the bottom up, highs, lows and emotional struggles. Throughout this, she has learnt skills and mindset tools that help others so that she can help others from making the same mistakes she did growing up.

Tyler now lives her life as a business owner, while also volunteering for charities and as a semi-professional athlete. This year she took on her biggest challenge yet, to be a recruit on series 6 SAS: Who Dares Wins. Tyler successfully made it to the final stage out of 23 recruits, and stood proud as the final female left. This was where she was able to put her mental strength and resilience to the ultimate test. Tyler now knows she can put her full trust into herself and her ability to help others achieve what may see as impossible.

Her keynote talk 'Breaking Boundaries': How to take back control of your life, regain control of yourself and your emotions and create the greatest version of yourself. Build an unstoppable mindset and get rid of any limiting beliefs, she incorporates:

-Tyler’s journey, from suicidal to Alpha Female.

- An evaluation of how she transformed her life for the better.

- How to overcome fear, anxiety, self-doubt and mental health.

- Several motivational and inspirational techniques to create a never quit attitude and learn to believe in yourself + abilities. (The Champion Mindset)

Tyler says “The past doesn’t need to define you, in fact learn to become grateful for the tough times, they develop strength and spirit. Anything can be achieved once you find that fire to be something better, commit to positive change. Do not give up!”

Testimonials from Teachers

"The grey woman"

– Ant Middleton, SAS Former Special Forces Chief Instructor

"Unstoppable and a never quit attitude."



– Mrs Dickinson, Deputy Headteacher, Kingmoor Junior School

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