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Ace Ruele

Ace Ruele

From being sentenced to 8 years in prison, to starring in a Hollywood Movie

Ace Ruele is a professional Actor/Movement Artist and a Mentor and Coach in personal development. In October 2007 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for robbery with an imitation firearm and served four and a half years of his sentence. Since being released from prison, he has worked with a number of organisations for the development of youths as a Mentor/Coach or Speaker, such as; Hackney Council; Greater London Authorities; Generation Arts and charities such as Models of Diversity and The UsTrust founded by Serena Balfour. He has been able to start his own entertainment agency and develop a professional acting career.

Going to prison was a transformative experience for Ace. He learned to let go of the desire to live up to a particular image of being a youth from the streets to paying attention to the things he loved such as psychology, spirituality, health & fitness, etc. The breadth of knowledge he gained from these subjects enabled him to develop a profound philosophy which accounts for his achievements and desire to make a difference.

Two of his biggest achievements to date are appearing in Eastenders as the character, "Rowan" earlier this year, and starring in the Hollywood movie, Legend of Tarzan , where he played a majority of the motion capture roles. His work was so effective in the movie, that the lead actor who plays Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard, has mentioned his name and commented about his work in a number of different interviews around the world.

Ace Ruele is proof that with self belief and a long term plan, anything can be achieved. Everything he has achieved as an actor, model and dancer has been without the guidance of a mentor, manager, or talent agent.

The session is focused on how Ace Ruele made his transition from a negative life to a positive one. This will include:

- Ace sharing his Journey
- A breakdown of how he made the transition
- Q&A

Depending on the age of the audience, the information given from the session can be simplified to suit the right age.

You can view Ace's work, via his acting showreel here.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Ace's life story and wisdom is truly heart-warming regardless of their age, his confidence and general care for what he speaks of allows him to engage with his audience"

– Rebecca Palmer, Education and Youth team, Greater London Authority​

"Ace is a great presenter/motivational speaker. His keep it real approach really resonates with the young people. He life story is inspiring and leaves no room for excuses. His key message if I can do it you can, really leaves the young people feeling enthused and determined to succeed"

– Deji Adeoshun, Youth Programmes Officer, Hackney Council​

"Ace has facilitated and led motivational sessions at Generation Arts for the last 3 years since he himself graduated from our programmes for young people at risk. He is a walking, breathing example for young people of how to turn around your life through adopting a positive mental attitude, mindfulness and self-belief. His personal story is inspirational and his approach to speaking is extraordinarily motivational to young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds"

– Ali Godfrey, Director, Generation Arts Ltd​

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