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Abdi Omar

Abdi Omar

Founder, Director, CEO Abdi Enterprises

Abdi Omar is 27 years old and he suffers from cerebral palsy. Despite this, Abdi Omar inspires & motivates all types of people. He is also a film maker and edits his own videos. He uses Youtube as a platform to inspire and motivate people.

Abdi is 27 years old with a disability called Cerebral palsy. He is currently studying counselling and coaching at London Metropolitan University.

At the age of Four, he moved to the UK from Somalia. Being disabled in a third world country makes you feel like you are a second-class citizen, and the future is not bright at all. He can't speak normally so he uses a communication aid - he is very grateful for this as it has given him a voice.

There are millions of people with disabilities around the world that are dreaming for opportunity to get whathe has. Therefore since 2012 he has been using his voice to inspire & motivate people. He created a YouTube channel which quickly became popular, gaining over 3.5k subscribers.

He has overcome many barriers that a young person with a disability could face but he decided to never use his disability as an excuse to give up. He uses his disability as his biggest motivation to achieve the impossible. He loves to overcome the odds and change people’s perceptions about disability. Some people might throw in the towel and be destroyed but he likes the challenge and will always give all that he has. He strongly believe that he can, and he will overcome in every barrier; Giving up will never be an option for him.

He strongly believes that you are only disabled if you believe it. He likes being a person that young people can look up to and it drives him to be better and do more in his life. From 2018 he started working in special need schools around London. He is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) mentor. He gives unique advice to students so they can improve things in their life. He also speaks to professionals who work with people with a disability across the UK.

Abdi is heavily involved within the Somali community and on 28th August 2014, and was recognised and awarded by Number 10 Downing Street for my work within the Somali community. His dream would be to be the first disabled Ambassador of the United Nations so that he can help as many disabled people as possible.

He wants his life to be a positive example for people with disabilities and people without disabilities. He created Abdi Enterprises to empower people to do the impossible. At Abdi Enterprises we believe that the higher you aim the better your life will be.

Live life without limits!

Testimonials from Teachers

"Following a recommendation, we asked Abdi Omar to present a keynote speech at the DfE/BESA LearnED SEND Edition Technology conference in November 2019. We were looking for an opening speaker to give an account of how technology has removed barriers and transformed their life and Abdi did not disappoint. He arrived and after a quick set up he opened up the conference by describing his childhood, about the inspiring people in his life and the challenges he has overcome. Abdi uses a wheelchair and delivered his speech using a communication device which he controls with a dot on his head. His speech was extremely well delivered and positively received by the audience of EdTech professionals at the conference and there were many appreciative comments afterwards. He was able to engage and to entertain effortlessly, describing his personal experiences and how he views challenges in his life. He is truly an inspiration and we would recommend him highly for any other conference or event."

– Susan Cumbers, Enterprise and Technology Lead, Corbets Tey School

"The event was a huge success and Abdi was fantastic at the end of the day. He did a 20 minute speech, which was really motivating and even set off a few tears in the audience. He then did a short Q&A which the children enjoyed. After the speech, a lot of the students went up to him to have a quick chat and he was happy to stay and talk for a while! Overall, he was amazing. Thank you!"

– Jonathan Wijnen, Assistive Technology Team, John Chilton School

"Abdi Omar is an engaging and inspirational speaker. He connects effortlessly with a diverse range of people including young children and adults and the professionals supporting them. His talks draw on from personal experience that many of the other professional’s lack and therefore he provides a unique insight. He has given talks in two of the schools I work in and supported me in initial AAC assessments and meetings with families. Having Abdi present encouraged the families to support their children more as well as the service users themselves were further motivated to get to where Abdi has reached independently. He is fun and interested in many fields which makes it easy for anyone feel connected with Abd. I will wholeheartedly recommend Abdi to other schools."

– Ersin Sinay, Speech and Language Therapist​​

"Abdi Omar came to speak at our special needs primary school in January. He spoke to a group of children with varying needs – cerebral palsy, down syndrome, rett syndrome, autism – about living with a disability and what it means to him. Abdi tailored his speech to suit the needs of the group and the children were all engaged. He made it an active session and invited the children to join in, e.g. to introduce themselves to him or ask him questions. Several of the children were very emotionally affected by Abdi’s visit, in a positive way, as it has made them realise the possibilities of what they could achieve, e.g. be able to control their wheelchair with a head switch like Abdi. Abdi is a very inspirational speaker and the children are still talking about him now, 2 months later. We hope to invite Abdi back to work with them again in the future."

– Louise Fuller, Speech and Language Therapist​

"I have heard Abdi speak on a number of occasions and he is an incredible motivational speaker. He captures a room with his life story of overcoming severe disability to use high technology software and computers to communicate. He has the power to motivate and make people sit up and listen. Abdi also manages to handle challenging and difficult questions from audience members, as he has demonstrated on our 'Ask Me Anything' panel made up of expert communication aid users. Abdi manages all of this whilst using complex communication aid software and a head mouse to control his computer. I would highly recommend Abdi as a speaker. "

– Helen Paterson, Speech and Language Therapist​

"Abdi was absolutely fantastic. You could have heard a pin drop the pupils were so captivated. Abdi tailored his speech to fit the remit that I gave him given the nature of the pupils and the ethos we are promoting, which was great. He also involved the audience ‘live’ and held a brief Q & A at the end. He also followed up with sending us a transcript of his speech and an offer of holding smaller motivational / self esteem seminars - which is something I have yet to discuss with the powers that be. I will definitely be booking him again."

– Karen Pattison, Hurstpierpoint College

We were very impressed with Abdi, both in the parent talk and for Year 7s, who listened attentively.We had very positive parental feedback too and enjoyed working with Abdi.

– Tina Robinson-Rising, Deputy Head Pastoral, James Allen’s Girls’ School

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