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Abed Ahmed

Abed Ahmed

Inspiring teacher who beat a stammer awarded 'Teacher of the Year' by TES

Abed Ahmed is maths teacher who stammers. He has stammered since the age of 4 and has overcome many hurdles to come this far in his life. When he was young, many people bullied him about his stammer and this continued into adult life. He was once told he should consider another career because of his stammer. However, this did not stop him and within 2 years of being a teacher, he was shortlisted as the "Best New Teacher of the Year" by TES.

Since becoming a maths teacher, Abed has also ran his own stammer support sessions to help young kids who stammer. He builds their confidence and makes them feel happier about themselves. Even though stammering is not classified as a disability, Abed believes that it is and he believes he can help any pupil to feel confident in their own skin.

Abed was born in a very deprived area in Birmingham which had riots in 1985 and 2005. He lived through them and has had many friends go down the wrong path in life. It could have been Abed but he persevered and made sure he became successful. He believes you all can do it too!

Abed is currently still learning about what life is. He is not perfect but he is a hard worker. He knows that life isn't easy and knows that you must work hard to achieve your dreams. He knows that nothing is a barrier for him. He came from a family that didn't ever understand his stammer which made him feel isolated. However, he got through it and he believe that every child can do it too.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I am so glad that I came across your video, thanks for sharing! Currently, I am 23-years old, and I have to say that it is very encouraging to see the impact that you are making at only 24 years of age. You are having such a long-lasting impact on these students. I was able to relate to the point where you said that we must accept the challenges we face in life in order to move forward. I may not be someone who stammers, but your advice is so relevant for other challenges that I am currently facing. When we can accept these trials and challenges, we can begin to move forward and even help others who are going through the same things"

– Conrad, Student, University of MN-Duluth

"Abed, Wow! Your story and video were truly inspirational. It’s remarkable that you have become a role model for younger children who stutter and are able to share your story to help them preserver through any obstacle they may encounter. What you are doing is so important and I am in awe of your work. Teaching them interviewing tips and tricks as well as how to approach people is so significant.
I am a graduate student at Appalachian State University studying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and am also a person who stutters. Much of your story resonates with me, especially when you discuss your early schooling experiences. As I do not have much practice in the therapy setting with children who stutter, I was hoping you could guide me in ways to become an effective ally to them? Thank you for sharing your story"

– Eliza, Student, Appalachian State University

"Abed is a maths teacher at Holte School in Birmingham and is extremely enjoying his job. In his spare time at the school he also supports pupils with stammers by setting up a stammer support group. He shared a video of the support group on YouTube to inspire others on International Stammering Awareness day and his story has grown in popularity from there.

His inspirational ways have attracted the attention of the national media with BBC Three declaring Abed one of their ‘Amazing Humans’, he also featured on BBC’s Breakfast show in December and many other newspapers including The Mirror have featured his story. His goal for the future is to become the Headteacher of Holte School and be someone who can motivate all people with stammers. Abed is clearly on his way to achieving his goal."

– Charlotte Hughes, PR Officer, Newman University

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