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Romel Ravello

Romel Ravello

Story of strength, courage, faith and endurance

Romel was born in 1988 in the twin island Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He has overcome many adversities within the span of twenty-nine years. After having been rejected by his father and abandoned at the age of 11 years old he started living on the streets of Port-of-Spain, surviving several vicious attacks including a facial acid attack at age fifteen. He went on to endure the torments of living on the streets, being mistreated by most in society and unable to find solace in death even after three suicide attempts.

Today after travelling throughout the United States and having become a resident of the UK, he is rated as one of the most prolific motivational speakers of our times. Romel's life serves to highlight a journey to finding out that God is always present in our lives and that he has shaped Romel into the person he is today in accordance with his ultimate plan for Romel's life. A plan that has seen Romel embark on a mission to inspire and motive 10,000 congregations across the world with his life story testimony.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thank you so much for speaking to students in the Academy of Global Studies at Winton Woods High School today. You made quite an impression on them. One student says you inspire him to look at things from a different perspective and to do good to others. Another student expressed how not a lot of people with your story are confident enough or have to courage to share like you did. She says it was 'just beautiful.'"

– Allison Roy, Teacher, Winton Woods HS. Cincinnati, Ohio

"I feel as if he is one of the most influential speakers we've ever had. I was sitting in the auditorium with tear-filled eyes, and I feel as if we were the only ones in the room. I know what it's like to hate God, and feel as if I was all alone in the world. He [Romel] inspires me to always look on the bright side and know that I am not alone even though it may seem like it. He touched my heart, and opened up my mind to think in a new way."

– Student, Winton Woods HS. Cincinnati, Ohio​

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