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Michael Quigley

Michael Quigley

Fulfill your potential, live a limitless, happy life and pursue your dreams!

Michael Quigley B.A. Hons 1st Class, M.A., PGCE is a former primary school teacher, with extensive experience of teaching, coaching, leading and team membership coupled with a life- long passion for and interest in fitness, wellbeing and personal fulfilment. He is also a published author currently working on his third book.

Michael’s presentations to schools cater for staff and children. For the former he focuses upon vision, leadership and developing a high performance culture. For children he focuses on ‘Being your best self’ and ‘How to go about this’ which includes themes such as:-

  • Inspiration and aspiration
  • Habits
  • Motivation
  • Thought patterns and creativity
  • Dealing with social groups

Michael’s particular ability to inspire and motivate others, irrespective of age or personal circumstances, individually or in groups, is a particular professional and personal strength that he possesses, reflected in his abilities to listen deeply and empathetically and to respond appropriately.

His enthusiasm, brilliant sense of humour, ready smile and positivity are infectious. His story telling and scenario depictions, stemming from his interest in people, his extensive reading and interest in literature and his dramatic and presentation skills are integral ‘tools of his trade.’

The same can also be said of his musical abilities as someone who has studied music from the age of 7, growing up in a musical family, he performs both as a sole artist and as a band member and regularly uses his song writing and musical skills as integral to his range of services.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Michael worked as a class teacher at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School from September 2015 to August 2016. During this time he established himself as a valued member of the team due to his passion and wholehearted commitment to providing the best education for every child in his care and his ability to relate to all members of the diverse school community with ease. His boundless positivity motivated children to achieve their best and develop a love of learning through a “can do” attitude. He inspired disaffected learners to take risks, develop resilience and believe that they could achieve. He continually looked for ways to develop professionally, respecting and learning from the experience of other colleagues and setting himself personal challenges."

– Hilary Cobb, Acting Deputy Head, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

"UCLan Burnley have a Guest Lecture series which aims to inform and enhance the university experience for students. Speakers are a broad range from both the academic community and specialists from industry. Michael brought a unique and inspiring lecture to this series, challenging the audience to consider their potential limiting beliefs and providing a toolkit of action that the audience could adopt to break through these barriers and achieve success. Michael was professional, exciting and interacted well with the audience. Feedback has been extremely positive and we would love to have him back again soon."

– Angela Crabtree, UCLan Burnley Enhancement Manager: University Programmes

"Michael Quigley really helped us to begin to embed Growth Mindset across the whole school. His energetic, engaging, informative approach was loved by all (Staff as well as children!) with 100% of children saying they enjoyed their sessions with Michael and 100% saying that they want Michael to come back again during Pupil Voice interviews. He put so much effort into creating really fun, motivating sessions which were informed by the latest in psychological research. He spared no effort in creating meaningful learning experiences which will provide an excellent point of reference for us in this key area of our school improvement priority. Michael's a great communicator who we can't wait to book in again to lift our community once more!"

– Matthew Quigley, Deputy Headteacher, Holy Family Primary School​

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  • Technology
  • Primary
  • Creative
  • Lifestyle
  • Well-being
  • Music
  • Teacher CPD

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