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Karen Liebenguth

Karen Liebenguth

How learning to proactively pay attention to what's happening in our mind, body, emotions can radically change our outlook on life

Karen Liebenguth is an accredited mindfulness teacher, mindfulness supervisor, certified coach, MBTI facilitator and coaching mentor. Karen offers tailored mindfulness and coaching programmes for the workplace, mindfulness for leaders as well as retreat days and residentials.

She set up Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 to foster personal and professional development, self-leadership and mental resilience.

Karen is a member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations and follows its Good Practice Guidelines. She is also an accredited and associate mindfulness trainer with Breathworks UK, a member of the Association of Coaching and a member of the British Focusing Association. Karen is German and has lived and worked in London since 2001.

Mindfulness is best described as an inherent human capacity that helps us to focus on what we experience in the moment, inside ourselves as well as in the environment with an attitude of openness, curiosity and care. Practicing mindfulness will help staff and students to become better aware of habitual thoughts and feelings that often cause stress and anxiety, and how to recognise the difference between these ingrained emotional reactions and how things really are. They will become more ‘response-able’, and will be able to make wiser, more creative and effective choices about how they communicate, act, think, feel and relate to themselves and others in every day school life.

There is good evidence from neuroscience and brain imaging that mindfulness practice profoundly alters the structure and function of the brain to improve the quality of both thoughts and feelings. Also, it improves and increases blood flow as well as stimulating a thickening of the cerebral cortex in areas associated with attention and emotional integration.

An average of 10 minutes daily of formal mindful meditation and mindfulness in daily life practice can have a wealth of benefits.

It will support emotional and mental resilience because it:

  • equips staff and students with self-awareness which will help them to understand emotional and mental resilience
  • enables them to recognise the signs of stress and respond more creatively and effectively (responding vs reacting) – particularly helpful during exams
  • helps staff and students recognise the power of thoughts and find ways of skillfully working with them
  • enables them develop an attitude of kindness and connection which in turn fosters emotional and mental resilience
  • helps staff and students to develop and improve their focus and listening skills
  • develops discernment between activities that nurture or deplete internal resources
  • enhances better sleep and overall wellbeing

Testimonials from Teachers

“Karen was amazing!”

– Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury​

“I never imagined this would have such a powerful impact on my daily life; I never knew there was so much depth and breadth to mindfulness; this has been a safe, confidential space to explore the impact of mindfulness; Karen is fantastic - thank you”

– Thanet Schools​

"Karen delivered four full days of mindfulness training to 17 staff members (a mixture of teachers and student support staff). This was intensive training but Karen made it engaging and interactive by keeping a balance between teaching us key concepts of mindfulness as well as sharing mindfulness practices. The staff finished the training feeling confident in sharing a variety of mindfulness practices, a clear understanding of the ethos behind mindfulness and completely on board with how the benefits can be used with the students. Her method of teaching is calm, clear and inclusive. Karen is fantastic to listen to, focussing you in your practice and she certainly practices what she talks about and teaches."

– Emma Robinson, Vice Principal, Chobham Academy​

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