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John Birchall

John Birchall

The geo-politcal environment of a fast changing world explained in clear and simple ways that educate, inform and stimulate debate & discussions.

John has over 30 years experience of working in Africa and in the member States of the EU – where he has specilaised in teaching geo-politics and its economic, political and social influences.

He regularly works in Brussels in various EU institutions and assists in developing greater global awareness amongst students in member countries. He is an Honorary Lecturer in the Economics Department, University of Sierra Leone. In Zimbabwe he lectured at the Universities of Bulawayo, Harare, Solusi and the Management School of the National University.

His recent work in Zambia is focused on helping young professionals develop a greater awareness of global issues and plan for Sustainable Economic Development. He is now working on presentations about the topic and has accepted a Visiting Professorship at the University of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

John has over 20 years of experience working with the European Union and has worked in schools and colleges in nine different EU member states. He teaches business people, diplomats and UNICEF Directors at The School of Oriental and African Studies, London, who are to work in African countries. He writes expert witness statements for citizens from African countries wanting to seek permission to remain in the United Kingdom. He has worked extensively in a number of African countries and is an Associate Professor at two African Universities.

John covers a various number of topics including:

* Geo-political overview

* The evoloution and demise of UK in EU

* The winners and losers of globalisation

* The problems facing developing countries, including inclusive and sustainable growth

* Rise of China

* Rise of India

* UK post BREXIT

* A brief analysis of how the UK democratic process evolved, through to devolution. This could include part of a social analysis, touching on the creation of the main political parties and how these evolved during the nineteenth century

* Analysing how the welfare state evolved, women's rights and other major changes in the lives of ordinary people

Testimonials from Teachers

"I wish I was always told so much about my posting"

– Irish Ambassador to Liberia and Sierra Leone

"You would not have heard better at any of our top universities"

– Head of Sixth Form, Mossbourne School, Hackney

"One of the best speakers we have heard in years"

– Enrichment Officer of Student Union, University in Lancashire

"At last someone who can make complex issues simple to understand - all students shouls know what we covered - they are all global citizens"

– Regional College, East Anglia

"We leave knowing all we need to know"

– Swedish Ambassador to Ghana and Nigeria

"Excellent speaker, made it easy to move through the evolution of the twentieth century and appreciate why we are where we are"

– Sixth Form College, Midlands

"Fascinating, something all students should hear - a unique experience"

– Stephen Stroud, Blackpool College​

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