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Hari Kalymnios

Hari Kalymnios

Taking your students from students, to SUPERHUMAN students!

Hari Kalymnios is an engaging, entertaining and educating speaker who helps students become high performers. Hari speaks with passion on the topics of mindset, wellbeing, resilience, goals, productivity, sleep, self-leadership and motivation. Hari’s inspiring and practical talks will leave your students both motivated but more importantly, equipped with real world tools that they can use to help them think, feel and behave in a SUPERHUMAN way.

Hari earned a first class degree in Physics with Astrophysics and then, after a period of 3 years independent worldwide travel, went to work for leading consultancy Accenture and The London Stock Exchange. In 2010 Hari set out on a new path to teach people the skills, strategies and solutions he’d learnt through studying disciplines as diverse as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), nutrition, health, fitness, science, business, high performance, spirituality, yoga, metaphysics, and personal development. By applying the best of these disciplines Hari was able to improve his own life immeasurably and then codify and teach what he’d done.

Today, Hari is an author, speaker, trainer and coach helping students achieve high performance and feel superhuman. Hari is the author of the mind improving book - The Thought Gym, and has released several online courses reaching thousands of students. Hari is also a ferocious blogger with over 150 blogs on his website and YouTuber with over 250 personal improvement and lifestyle videos on his YouTube channel. In addition, Hari has written for many other outlets including The Huffington Post and The Schools, Students & Teachers (SSAT) Network.

Hari regularly speaks to students at schools and universities as well as corporates, non-profits and community interest groups.

Hari’s passionate and energetic style means your students can be guaranteed to walk away feeling empowered and with the tools to succeed.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Guest speaker Hari Kalymnios came along to our "Broaden Your Tastes Week" at KCL to lead an inspirational and interactive talk exploring the depths of human thought. Through engaging discussion and active audience participation, we learnt how to harness the power of the mind to sustain a positive lifestyle that nourishes our body and soul. It was an eye-opening event for everyone in attendance and we will certainly be applying his techniques in our daily routines!"

– Elisabeth Nuttal, President of the KCL Veg Society, King's College London

"Hari gave a very inspiring talk for members of the UCL Mind Society. It was easy to feel that Hari believes and is passionate about what he is presenting. The talk was very honest, coherent and interactive, therefore it was convincing and everyone really accepted his points."

– Mindgaus Jonikas, President of the UCL Mind Society, University College London

"I liked the trainers as they gave me some new skills that I can use in my future. Especially Hari. He helped me structure my speech really well and I rate him for that."

– Isaac, Student, St Matthew's Academy​

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