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Dr James Logan

Dr James Logan

Medical entomologist, science geek and bug lover!

Dr James Logan, scientist, zoologist and television presenter. James has appeared on TV shows including BBC’s The One Show and Bang Goes the Theory, The Discovery Channel’s Weird Connections, and many more. He also makes regular appearances on television news channels, radio and in print media as a scientific expert.

Have you ever wondered why some people are bitten more than others by mosquitoes? James’ research has shown it is all to do with how we smell! By wrapping volunteers inside silver foil bags to extract their odours he showed that people who rarely get bitten produce natural repellents - as if the body has a natural defence against mosquitoes! James is now commercialising these natural repellents as a product with a company.

James has an outstanding training as a scientist with a first class honours degree in Zoology and an award-winning PhD. He is now an internationally renowned medical entomologist and lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A recently elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, James specialises in insect ecology and control, but he has a broad range of expertise and knowledge including aspects of travel health, chemistry and biology. As a keen conservationist, James’ contributions to volunteer projects around the globe include protecting and monitoring primates, turtles and endangered marsupials in Costa Rica, Northern Cyprus and the South Australian outback.

His Scottish charm and enthusiasm for science communication make James an excellent presenter with an accessible expertise, resulting in an invitation to become a Science Ambassador for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Network (STEMNET), which aims to inspire young people in science. James regularly publishes his work in science journals and writes articles for popular, local and educational magazines.

One of James’ hobbies is documentary filmmaking and he has been trained in development, self-shooting, and editing, producing some of his own short films.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Having talked to the kids and getting them to fill in evaluations, all the feedback is very positive. Even the students that I thought would not have enjoyed a science talk so much really enjoyed it. In fact they were very inspired and were asking me all sorts of questions with regards to doing science as a living - what a result!"

– Teacher, Meridian School, Hertfordshire

"Your style is neat, relaxed and clear. Your talk was very well structures and held the audience's interest. Your pace and level is right and I was impressed by the way you upped the language for the older did a great job!”

– Director of SETPOINT (branch of STEMNET)​

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