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Victoria Raven

Victoria Raven

Founder of Well Kids – Cracking the Teenage Puzzle

Having had a teenage daughter that suffered with, and recovered from, anxiety, depression and fatigue, Vicki knows the importance of good communication and how to set and action goals for immediate and lifelong wellbeing.

Vicki Raven is the founder of “Well Kids – Cracking the Teenage Puzzle”. She works with pre-teens, teenagers and their parents who are struggling with anxiety, depression, fatigue and general unwellness. They know they are not quite right and are searching to find an answer.

She explores the possible reasons and coaches them in her system to enable good honest conversation, which then enables them to talk about the possibilities in their life and how they can start moving towards a happier, more productive, and satisfying future.

Vicki has had a teaching career spanning 20 years and a therapy career for 14. Her work has brought her into contact with hundreds of children and parents and through them she has learnt the 3 keys upon which she bases all her coaching work. These are love & acceptance, listening and understanding.

The world is a very competitive place for children and teenagers these days but often the competitive field is extremely narrow. Some teenagers quickly feel like failures. One of Vicki’s missions is for all teenagers to recognise their unique qualities and to open their minds to possibilities.

Parents contact Vicki because they are worried about their teenager, but they don’t know the best way to talk to them. Part of them feels that adolescence is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Through coaching and teaching Vicki highlights what goes wrong and how it can be done well. Vicki shows parents and teenagers that they can communicate without shouting and arguing.

Testimonials from Teachers

"We asked Victoria to run workshops and deliver talks to our students in Key Stage 4. We have found her to be reliable and inspiring. She related well to our young people. The students enjoyed her workshops and presentations. I thoroughly recommend Victoria."

– Herjit Dehal, Assistant Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Girls

"Vicki was often asked to speak at parents meetings in schools to promote Family Learning courses. She did this with confidence and enthusiasm. Vicki was always personable and professional in her role when liaising and talking with other professionals. As Family Learning programmes are run in different schools across the borough Vicki had adapt to different settings, professionals and families. She was able to do this by being highly organised, flexible and diplomatic and above all by having a good sense of humour."

– Jill Trylska, Family Learning Co-ordinator, Education Care & Health, Bromley.

"Victoria Raven is a skilled communicator. She successfully led talks and activities with upper school students over the 11 years I worked as a school teacher. She was able to engage well with unknown students in the intimacy of a special needs class, and manage large groups of 120-240 students delivering both practical skills and lecture style talks to large groups resulting in positive feedback from both students and parents."

– Angela R Hulm MBA DipM Cert Ed, Retired teacher, Langley Park School for Girls

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