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Stacey Skeete

Stacey Skeete

Equipping women with tools to overcome trauma

Stacey Skeete, recent contestant on 'The Voice UK TV Show 2017' is more than just a singer. Stacey Skeete is an influential role model for young people, with a wealth of life changing experiences and knowledge to share with the youth of today to equip them for their journey ahead.

As a teen, Stacey experienced several sexual assaults, which led to serious side effects, including but not limited to, low self-esteem, self-sabotage and depression. Stacey shares very openly about the difficulties she faced, sharing situations that all young people can relate to. Stacey has an ability to draw in a crowd, no matter the age, race or gender. Her genuine, honest and kind nature really comes across in her talks.

As well as speaking, Stacey loves to incorporate her songs within her talks where appropriate. Stacey believes in writing songs that tell a story, songs that are authentic and honest. Stacey has written many songs during the course of her journey that add that extra special touch to the topics she speaks on. Q&A is also a powerful tool Stacey uses in her talks.

If you are looking for a speaker that will be able to connect with, relate to and inspire young people to love, believe in and honour themselves and each other, then Stacey Skeete is the perfect speaker for you.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thank you for coming to 'Her Story' yesterday and being an amazing inspiration. Women have been truly moved by your story! You gave them so much to think about, and structure to help them... women have messaged me and spoken to me today about how incredible you are and how it impacted them!"

– Nicky Crabtree, Her Story

"This month, Stacey Skeete's voice and message touched all of us. We ended with the truly phenomenal Stacey who shared her story of trauma and sexual abuse and her music of healing to those who'd suffered in that way. We don't like leaving dry eyes in the house."

– Shay Allie, Inspired Stage

"Stacey left me speechless, she was so transparent and inspiring."

– Sharlene Monique Morris​

Stacey was great thank you– really eye opening for our students and some strong key messages that came across.

– Clare Freeman, Head of Sixth Form, Royal Masonic School for Girls

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