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Sadia Conteh-Mosere

Sadia Conteh-Mosere

Teenage Mother to author

Sadia’s journey began at the mere age of 18 straight out of sixth form, when her plans consisted of travelling the world and most importantly going off to university to study what she loved most, drama and film. As she began to embrace her new founded independence her dreams suddenly came to a standstill as just three months into university she found out she was pregnant. Immediately not only did the people around her lose faith in her dreams but so did she. Her path to self-discovery began as she prepared for the life changing experience of motherhood.

Fast forward ten years ahead she is now a proud mother to a beautiful son and is the author of the 5 star rated memoir "Single Mother Breaking The Stereotype." Her book tackles the common issues surrounding teenage pregnancy and single parenthood.

Sadia is on a mission to globally change the negative preconceptions societies have regarding single mothers. Her book is a birthing place for so many topics such as teenage pregnancy, self-esteem, peer pressure and self-value. Sadia explores the naivety of a young adolescent trying to understand the difference between love and infatuation.

She believes being able to identify an unhealthy relationship is key and lack of self-love can lead to unwanted pregnancies, low self-esteem, depression and insecurities. Her journey described best as an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ is an inspiring yet knowledgeable story, Sadia gives you a clear cut insight to what is to rise from rejection through reflecting on how far she has come.

Sadia offers a variety of cohesive workshops related around key themes surrounding stereotypes, sex and healthy relationships whether it be friends, family or a partner. Through her workshops she challenges the young people to think outside the box. She uses a variety of methods through drama, use of scenarios and discussions. Her interactive talk opens with: “What is your stereotype and have you broken it?”

Testimonials from Teachers

"Sadia has endless energy and enthusiasm and showed dedication and commitment to the Programme. This is a topic she feels passionate about and was able to deliver sessions effortlessly and with authority. She always maintained professionalism whilst being able to make genuine connections with the pupils. She is excellent at communicating with adults and young people alike; I believe this is due to her honest and engaging approach. As a volunteer she has contributed much to the Young Parenthood Programme; by raising awareness about the realities of being a young parent she has informed hundreds of pupils. She has also inspired and motivated other young parents to do the same."

– Claire Everest, Community Engagement Lead, Coram

"We chose Sadia to speak at our event because we believed she has a relevant and relatable topic to be discussed. Author, Sadia Conteh-Mosere gave the audience a sneak-preview of her book, Single Mother Breaking The Stereotype. Members of the crowd then had the opportunity to speak to Sadia about her writing and experiences that inspired her to become an author. What we loved is that her talk was extremely engaging and she was able to reach out to an audience of 14+ right up to middle aged adults. Some of the young people who attended spoke to her directly after the show as they were highly inspired by her story. I will definitely have her in mind for future events and projects."

– Biba Osman, Trainee Producer, Tricycle Theatre Takeover Festival

“Beyoutiful Beginnings is a youth-led, focused, mentoring program created to empower and inspire young females from the age of 14. Sadia joined the Beyoutiful Beginnings team in 2015 as a workshop facilitator and speaker. Sadia has delivered great thought provoking workshops that really got the young females engaged. Sadia always maintains a very creative flare throughout her sessions and she is a natural when it comes to speaking to a group of young people no matter what their gender is. One of her most prevalent workshops is called ‘Who Am I?’ where she gets the young people to dig deep into themselves and find out who they really are. All in all Sadia is a valued member of the team who never seizes to come up with fantastic ideas and is always willing to think outside the box and explore new things.”

– Rouchelle Mclean, CEO, Beyoutiful Beginnings​

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