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Pia Webb

Pia Webb

A three day programme that can change the outlook of even the most ‘impossible case’ schools/classes!

Pia Webb is the founder of The Webbschool - ‘Everything is possible’. The programme focuses primarily on helping schools that have problems that they cannot come to terms with. The methodology starts from each school’s unique situation and desired results. She would love the opportunity to bring her expertise all the way from Sweden!

The strategy is based on positive engagement and taking own responsibility through empowerment and nurturing creative entrepreneurship among students as well as teachers who are the backbone to the positive development.

Pia has a huge passion for children and equal opportunities. She holds the mindset that “everything is possible” and she has proved that time after time. Nothing has ever been served on a plate to her and she has worked hard to understand and cope with the adversity that she has faced. She does not believe in treating the symptoms but tackling the root of the problem.

Pia is an author and an accredited life and career coach with over 1000 coaching hours. She has developed a life-coaching philosophy that is unique and extremely powerful, which works extremely well on children.

“Be positive, always try to look on the bright side.”

Testimonials from Teachers

“At our school we are constantly looking at ways to develop. Together with Pia Webb, we decided to focus on how we could improve our “After school club activities” (7 - 11 year olds, approx 150 children) and work towards the goal of becoming “the world's best after school club". Pia´s way of inspiring and conducting the project was innovative and extraordinary. She did an excellent job in capturing what students and staff thought worked well and what they wanted us to develop. The survey became the basis for new routines and ways of working that we are now following. The staff's dedication combined with Pia's knowledge, energy and positive attitude was a winning concept. We are very pleased that we hired Pia Webb. She certainly inspired both students and staff. I can highly recommend her, both as a Change Management Consultant and Speaker”

– Åsa Häger, Head Teacher, Skärgårdsstadsskolan (year 1 – 9), Sweden

“It is useful to invite speakers who can talk about life careers and entrepreneurship based out of their own experiences. Pia Webb did just that! The lecture she gave our graduating students about her business was very much appreciated. The students got very inspired and were given many good tips for the future. The student´s feedback was great, e.g. "It was fun that you told us about you and your personal life. It inspired me the most! Nothing is impossible!", “A very inspiring and interesting talk", "I think you were extremely interesting and skilled, I admire you!". I highly recommend Pia Webb as a speaker”.

– Jan Pehrson , Lecturer in Business, Österåkers Gymnasium, Sweden

“I was lucky to work with Pia in a Life Coach capacity and studied the Webbs Quality-of-life model©. Pia came in to my life just when I needed here the most! Pia is the best coach I have ever had and provided a supportive but challenging approach that made me really address the underlying issues that were impacting on my wellbeing. Sometimes we are aware of what we need to change but procrastinate in the hope that things improve. Pia gave me the courage to formulate a plan, enabling me to take the control back by realising that I need to create the conditions today to ensure my happiness tomorrow. Pia's model is simple to work with and better still it works! I encourage business leaders to embrace it. People present the core value in organisations and it is imperative we all have a handle our own well being. After all your business success is reliant on well-motivated, happy staff! You'll find Pia genuine, warm and extremely positive, great proof of the impact of embracing her model!"

– Sarah Aubrey, Managing Director at DPG PLC

"I am a coach with many years experience and have worked with many coaching models. In my opinion the model that Pia Webb has developed is the most effective model I have yet seen. The opportunity to think about my whole life, in cumulative bite size chunks in advance of my coaching session with Pia, afforded me the time and space I needed to plot my life around the wheel. I really felt I was in control. During our coaching, Pia, very skillfully, helped me unearth issues around my personal life that I am now addressing which in turn are having a huge positive impact on both my personal and professional life. I have always believed in the power of coaching 'the whole being' and not just focusing on working life. I am happy to endorse this model and wish Pia great success.”

– Alan English, Managing Director at Alan English Consulting Ltd, UK

“With an exceptional energy and a big and warm heart Pia took me on a life changing journey. She gave me the tools to take control over my work as well as my personal life. I am forever grateful for the time spent with Pia! It gave me the energy and structure I really needed that spring and I still work on my life plan with Pias words ringing in my ears. What’s holding you back? Perhaps it's just you?”

– Helena Kaså Winqvist, Fd Generalsdirektör Scouterna, Sweden

"I attended Pia's 'Quality of Life' session at the recent CIPD* conference in York UK and she really got me thinking about MY life - priorities, time management, health, etc. She has a disarming style and a really infectious personality and you can't help but feel better in her company. Through her book about 'The Swedish Way' and her workshops Pia is doing something really important in our world - highlighting the pernicious problem of stress and giving us practical tools to deal with everyday pressures. She is an engaging speaker and I can guarantee your life will be enhanced by spending time with her and listening to (and applying) her wisdom."

– Andrew Thorp, Award winning speaker. Co-founder MojoLife, Storbritannien

“Pia Webb has created a model that is so ingenious in its simplicity that it can be applied to every aspect of life, from relationships to work and career. With this book, it becomes very clear why and how you will find your motivation, based upon your own circumstances.”

– Maria Torshall, Chief Editor at the Swedish Health Magazine ‘Hälsa’

“Just by reading a small part of the book I think I will be able to make a life plan, keep addressing and setting myself small but achievable goals. It is Pia Webb and her book who have made it possible for me to smile at myself in the mirror every morning and look forward to another day.”

– Jason, Former Drug Addict, UK​

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