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Alex Stuart

Alex Stuart

Bad boy turned teacher relates with teen mini-mes across the country, knowing first-hand the challenges young people face with identity, staying in line, and risk-taking behaviour

We've all heard the tale of good boys turned bad, but what about the other way around? Meet Alex, his tumultuous time at school makes for an interesting CV. To deflect from his insecurities growing up, Alex found himself playing the class clown and creating connections based on transactions rather than emotions. What started out as buying Starbucks for classmates to win over friends soon turned to buying cigarettes so he could be the 'cool kid' who handed them out at break time, before he eventually turned to drugs.

It wasn't long before Alex was expelled, not just from one, or two, but three schools. He struggled through home-tuition, with education stifling his charismatic personality, though eventually found his feet at college. He later went on to study drama, though when the acting parts failed to coming rolling in, he felt he was back at square one and found himself in a very dark place. It was only through travelling with friends, during which Alex revealed his demons and social paranoia to them, that he began to understand his relationship with his mental health.

When he returned to the UK, he went on to teach drama and English, before becoming a dad himself. He now tours the UK's schools with The Self-Esteem Team, delivering classes in Mental Health, Body Image, Exam Stress & Anxiety, and Self-Esteem. Through sharing his own story with students, his audience not only relate to him but also discover coping mechanisms that had Alex himself known earlier, could have saved him from struggling all those years instead of thinking he simply was not good enough.

Testimonials from Teachers

"As a non-judgemental ear, Alex is the ultimate listener who gives advice in an effective, older sibling way."

– Nadia Mendoza, Co-director, Self-Esteem Team

"Alex was great today – really interactive, kept the students interested and delivered a very important message expertly."

– Mrs Isobel Tyndale-Brown, Director of Sixth Form, Woodbridge School

"Alex's session was absolutely perfect; both in its content and the delivery. I was very impressed with the personal approach. I know the students got a great deal from the session and left with plenty to think about."

– Anne Jackman, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Woking College​

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