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Laura Kennington

Laura Kennington

Endurance athlete on a mission to encourage and inspire people to a think a little bigger!

Laura spent her early years as the only female sibling on a farm in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She discovered adventure at an early age by embracing muddy countryside exploration with the beloved family dog, Hobo, a White Alsation.

Years later whilst living in London, she gained a unique insight into sports science and how the human body copes under physical stress whilst working within the fitness industry. This lead to her curiously exploring the limits of her own body – she hasn’t looked back since!

Endurance sport can teach you so much; from discovering your ability to overcome challenges, to feeling empowered in your own body and to improving your confidence and social skills. But what Laura loves to talk about is how these experiences can also make a huge impact on the world.

Her talks tackle three things:

1. How challenges are the most powerful tool to growth

2. How your body is capable of more than you ever dreamed possible

3. How to blaze your own trail

Laura’s previous challenges have included solo kayaking the Volga River in Russia; solo cycling the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland; circumnavigating three of the Channel Islands as part of a rather unique triathlon; and running the length of Fuerteventura (100 miles) in 4 days.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Inspirational lecture from Laura Kennington today. If you perservere, you can achieve anything".

– Student, Lingfield Notre Dame School

"A lovely and refreshing start to our sports day. The pitch to the different age groups was just right and really set the scene for the day".

– Jane Tosetti, PA to Headmaster, Newland House School

"Listening to Laura Kennington speak is good for your soul."

– Rima Patel, Co-organiser of YesStories: A Night of Inspiration

"Laura’s main message to us was to always persevere when times become tough. Also to do what you love, not always what makes the most money. She encouraged us fight for what we believed in... Overall, the speech was very inspiring and made us realise that you can do anything you set your mind to."

– Student, Lingfield Notre Dame School

"Laura was the guest speaker at our annual awards ceremony. Her words were really inspiring, in challenging our students to not settle for the conventional, and encouraging them to forge their own path. She even received a hug from one of our parents who was equally moved!"

– Mr Warren Smith, Head Teacher, The Folkestone Academy

"You were the best guest speaker we’ve had! Your talk was very inspiring and engaged so many people. I had many members of staff come up to me to say how interesting your story was."

– Emma Belsey, Communications & Events Officer, The Folkestone Academy

"Our Year 12 students really enjoyed hearing about Laura's challenges, and how life lessons learnt through these can be applied to their own lives. The idea that anything is possible - if you put your mind to it! The overall message of enjoy life, get out there and be happy was really powerful - we look forward to seeing her again next year."

– Rosie Moore, Teacher, Parkstone Grammar School​

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