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Kate Beddow

Kate Beddow

'Mindfulness': Feel relaxed and calm at school and make your students feel it too.

Kate Beddow is a teacher and holistic therapist who specializes in working with teachers and carers. She trained as a primary school teacher and worked in all ages from EYFS to High School during her teaching career until she made a life-changing decision in 2007.

After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumour and having a young daughter at the time, Kate made the decision not to return to teaching and instead to learn how to keep herself mentally and physically healthy using energy healing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Against all the odds, Kate now has two children and has created Calmer Classrooms, a company which creates mindfulness and relaxation resources for schools around the world.

By combining her teaching and relaxation skills Kate has created classes and training to help teachers help their students, and themselves, stay happy, healthy and calm. Her sessions are informative, fun and interactive and she works with schools to ensure that the material she is delivering is tailored to their needs.

Kate helps pupils to manage their mental health, particularly during stressful times such as exams. She helps students and staff to be more resilient and to have a growth mindset in all aspects of their life and education. By learning to manage their mental wellbeing and employing some simple mindfulness and mindset techniques students learn to be more focused, resilient, successful and happier.

Based in the midlands, Kate visits schools all over the UK.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Engaging and relatable,… interesting and beneficial. This was the best session we’ve had so far."

– Secondary PGCE Student

“The most useful personal development session I’ve ever had”

– Lawley Village Primary

"She’s the real deal! Her knowledge is current and very relevant in classrooms around the world!"

– Kathy Defranco, Canada

“Kate is lovely, approachable and wants the very best for the children. The children really enjoyed the session. They have simple techniques to use”

– Mrs Jennifer Seabright, Y6 and Deputy Head, Alexandra Park Juniors

“The Year 6 children found the session prior to their SAT tests to be a really fun and useful experience. It helped to place value on the importance of them feeling calm and mentally prepared in order to do their best. Lots of the children said that they had tried out some of the relaxation techniques after the session, and even had crystals on their desks during the testing period! As a Year 6 teacher I would definitely recommend this session for any class - it was excellent!”

– Mrs L Collins, Y6 Teacher, St Andrew’s CE Primary, Weston

“Kate tailored the session for our staff specifically to our requests. She carried out the session during our staff meeting in our school values week in order to focus on staff wellbeing. The calm, engaging and caring way in which Kate led the evening ensured that all staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were able to take away a range of practical techniques and ideas to try out and use. The session was a big success with all staff, who really appreciated Kate's ability to facilitate for them a few hours where they could take the time to stop and focus on themselves!”.

– Mrs K Beardmore, Deputy Head, St Andrew’s CE Primary, Weston​

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