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Jo Huey

Jo Huey

Providing practical tools and tips to build trust, connection and improve relationships.

Jo’s an adult child of an alcoholic and has undergone over 20 years of self-development, as well as qualifying as a Master NLP Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. As a personal change expert, speaker and author, Jo shares her experience of living in an alcoholic home.

Jo’s goal is to pass on her knowledge to professionals, volunteers and others working with those affected so they are better prepared and have more specific ways to help children living with a parents alcohol misuse. Professionals often struggle to connect with children affected by a parents drinking as they are a hard group to open up, they don't trust people and usually won't speak about their experiences.

Jo gives very practical tools and tips for identifying those in difficulty and the best ways to build relationships with them to open up and trust you so you can best help them.

An example of the topics covered but this is flexible are below:

· Brief overview of Jo’s life and the challenges living with an alcoholic father (15 minutes)
· Typical characteristics and behaviours developed in an alcoholic home
· Impact in childhood and adulthood
· Roles within an alcoholic home
· Tips and advice on how to help families
· Research/government updates
· Q & A

Jo is exceptionally passionate about this topic and with all the lived experience you really will leave feeling more informed and better armed to support your students.

Testimonials from Teachers

“During the delivery of the session, Jo immediately engaged with the students with clear communication and an outline of the planned session. I can’t speak highly enough of how Jo gave such personal insights into her own experience, with a balance of personal experience, research and constructive ways of assisting children and families in the future. The student cohort asked appropriate, but intimate questions, which Jo willingly answered”.

– Jill Davey, Principal Academic, Bournemouth University​

"Jo was asked to deliver a 3 hour workshop to a cohort of 63 level 6 social work students. Jo was able to show an insight into the child's world that was extremely valuable for the learning and development of the students. I along with the students found Jo to be an inspirational speaker. She shared up to date information on government initiatives and resources and taught skills and techniques for anyone working with the challenges of alcoholism. Jo took the time to ask me what I wanted the students to gain from the workshop and she was able to produce exactly what I thought was conducive to the students requirements.

Jo received excellent feedback from the students after her workshop and continues to offer information of useful links and websites. I will definitely be contacting Jo again to invite her back for future students entering into their final months of study before qualifying. Jo is knowledgeable and an expertise in her area and is highly recommended"

– Jan Parker, Senior Academic. Course Leader: BA(Hons) Social Work, Southampton Solent University​​

"Jo Huey undertook a training workshop for my ASYE (Newly Qualified Social Workers) Training Day. The theme of the day was “Hearing the Voice of the Child” and Jo’s session was entitled “Living with an Alcoholic Parent.” The group were captivated by Jo’s presentation and appreciated her first hand perspective as well as Jo’s ability to transform her experiences into the professional arena; what good “social work” would have looked like from her lived experience as a child.

The session was powerful, well-structured and well delivered; covering an issue that could affect anyone across any socio-economic group. Jo opened up the eyes of the group to the “hidden harm” of alcohol misuse and its destructive impact on relationships and healthy family life. Thought-provoking, insightful, brutally honest and inspiring. Jo demonstrated passion to share her journey to enable others to learn. She has incredible resilience and I would recommend her to other training co-ordinators and programmes. Her commitment to supporting and mentoring those affected by someone else’s drinking is commendable".

– Louise Bartlett, Principal Social Worker – Children, Young People and Families, Bournemouth Borough Council​

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