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Jamal Rhoden-Stevens

Jamal Rhoden-Stevens

An international athlete with a extraordinary vision

Jamal-Marcus is an international track and field athlete who was able to graduate in biochemistry at University and represented his country Great Britain after just 4 years of training which is a great feat in itself.

Jamal regularly helps out in his community leading community projects of over 100 students and has tutored as well as coached children and young adults. Jamal has visited over 30 countries and has plans of improving his community and to help young people develop a mindset that will allow them to be successful physically, mentally and economically.

Jamal breaks down his life story in to many different parts and relates it back to the audience he is speaking to. Jamal believes that words creates worlds.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Jamal really inspired me with his analogies and it can apply any field, being able to juggle full-time sport and full time education allows me to realise there is no barriers"

– Ayo Oledele, Kingston University MPharm​

"Knowing Jamal for years he is very direct and he is always achieving accolades, his journey has come a long way and my pupils really enjoy what he had to say"

– Neil Attenborough, Head of PE, Coulsdon Academy​

"He emphasised the importance of never giving up and how to deal with setbacks or disappointments. Jamal is a typical young man who has made the most of his natural talents and works hard to reach his goals. The girls can realistically see their own lives being successful one day, from an example like his"

– Mrs Morrison, Headmistress, Seaton Primary School​

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