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Dr Jonathan Hare

Dr Jonathan Hare

A popular science communicator who was part of the Nobel Prize C60 team

Dr Jonathan Hare achieved a first in Physics at Surrey University and then went on to work with Sir Harry Kroto for his PhD at Sussex University. Here he was part of the Nobel Prize winning team that discovered a way of making the Fullerenes and in particular the football molecule C60, Buckminsterfullerene. He attended the 1996 Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm with Sir Harry Kroto.

Responding to requests to give science talks about these new areas of nanotechnology, in the 1990's he set up The Creative Science center through which he has presented 100 of talks and workshops a year over a wide range of topics and age ranges throughout the UK and abroad. He has authored, or co-authored over 150 articles and scientific papers. Jonathan has presented at science conferences, science festivals and also summer schools both here and in the USA. For the last ten years he has devised and presented a month of workshops for the Brighton Science Festival all around Sussex (co-presenting with the festivals creator Richard Robinson).

Jonathan has presented two Hollywood Science and six Rough Science BBC TV series as well as contributing to Horizon, Nova and COAST TV series as well as many TV and radio interviews. The Rough Science series have been shown in over 90 counties around the world!

Jonathan is happy presenting to small groups, (e.g. perhaps tutoring an individual person) or to large groups (e.g. talks for over 800 people at the Institute of Education) and enjoys the challenge of communicating science to almost any type of audience. In addition to his academic achievements and work, Jonathan loves making things in his home workshop as well as juggling, painting, mountain hiking and longboarding.

Testimonials from Teachers

"It has been an ENORMOUS pleasure to accompany you around Sussex [a month of Brighton Science Festival workshops], many inspiring ideas and deep truths have emerged, so naturally as a result I'm more dazed and bedazzled by the world than I ever was. So it goes. I hope you enjoyed it. I know that 1000 kids did ... "

– Richard Robinson, Brighton Science Festival​

"Dr Hare ran a series of inspirational workshops and projects for students aged between 14 and 18 – it was a challenging task to ensure these academic enrichment sessions were pitched right and Jon executed this outstandingly in his detailed planning of his sessions which were consistently inspirational yet accessible to students. The combination of workshops for larger groups and more developed specialised projects gave both breadth and depth to the programme put on. Further, Jon’s dexterity in offering sessions that truly cover all of the bases of STEM was outstanding and both our students and staff hugely enjoyed the time he spent with us."

– Ian Hanley, Head of Physics, Whitgift School​

"Thank you very much for the Chemistry in the movies lecture [Hollywood Science and Some Science of Breaking Bad talks]. I know it went down well because I tried to stop a discussion on the amount of viable oxygen in a car tyre for a good 10 minutes before moving on to inter-molecular bonding! Anyway truly appreciated, thanks!"

– John Luton, Varndean College

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