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Darrell Woodman

Darrell Woodman

Instill positivity, confidence and self-belief

For over 12 years, Darrell has spent time (and blood, sweat and tears) helping develop talent in the media industry. Instilling positivity, confidence and self-belief has been a major factor in his coaching of people and teams from radio stations in Sheffield, Hull and Wolverhampton (he likes the glamorous locations). He has many proud moments in his career, but none more so than seeing individuals achieving and feeling greatness - greatness which has been recognised by numerous prestigious radio awards.

Darrell is married with 2 wonderful boys and his lifetime goal (apart from being the best Dad on the planet) is to inspire millions of people across the world. Darrell joined the ‘brilliant’ team in 2011 and, in typical fashion, was thrown in at the deep end! Darrell’s feedback has been brilliant from day one (which is something the rest of the team find mildly irritating because it took them several years to master the delivery!). He’s worked with businesses such as Ernst & Young, National Grid and Astra Zeneca as well as numerous NHS regions and other public sector organisations such as Leicestershire County Council, Barnsley City Council and Tower Hamlets.

Darrell has immersed himself in the ‘brilliant’ philosophy and is now a boffin in areas of positivity, happiness, wellbeing and flourishing. Darrell describes himself as a ‘learning junkie’. He is an NLP Master Practitioner (but, good news, he doesn’t like to brag about it) and is currently studying for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. He delivers keynotes and one day workshops, as well as spearheading the ‘Art of Brilliance’ school offering.

Darrell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as our core values of simplicity, energy and fun. He is also the co-author of the best-selling book ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager’ (Capstone 2014).

See Darrell in action here.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say a huge thank you for yesterday. I personally found your session to be the perfect balance of inspiration, thought provocation and entertainment (I did laugh my socks off!). I do curse you slightly however for making me spot Eddie Stobart trucks (and weirdly every other large lorry on the road!) all the way home! Feedback has been superb – already lots of people who were there have come up to me to say how much they enjoyed your presentation and felt inspired to be just a little more positive and at their best each day".

– Andrea Tully, Human Resources, Senior Manager Leadership and Talent Development

"…it was just incredible to be able to experience this and also to know that this type of thing was even happening! Darrell quite rightly said no one ever teaches you how to think or be happy and that's exactly what everyone needs. … I'd just like to say thanks and definitely a big shout out to Darrell who was excellent today. If only it were possible to give these workshops to everyone all over the country once in a while and maybe everyone would be a bit happier and enjoy life a bit more!"

– Baxi Delegate​

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