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Christopher Robinson

Christopher Robinson

"From the Battlefield to the Boardroom"

Chris will be sharing with you his analogies from his 23 years of experience in the British Army and offer his own take on dealing with decision making and extreme adversity in the workplace. Chris Robinson, having fought on the front line in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as serving time in war zone countries including Sierra Leone and Somalia, not only had to keep himself alive but also had to ensure the survival of his fellow soldiers in the Yorkshire Regiment.

Having to make survival decisions and judgment calls whilst being under enemy attack in extreme situations has taught Chris unique leadership skills.
You will learn what values are important?... How do we arrive at these values?... And how to implement them in to a successful team to help win the battle of a growing business. Chris tells it how it is with honesty and compassion. His unique view of what it takes to become a leader is not only educational but inspiring at the same time.

Chris will also be sharing with you his unique views on leadership, team work and resilience. What is Values Based Leadership? What values are important? How we arrive at these values and how to implement into a successful team. The art of perfecting the 10/10 team ethos and how important team work is when trying to achieve a common goal. Having been led badly and led well and having led well and at times not so well. Chris will explain his unique approach on learning from mistakes and decision making under extreme pressure.

All of these examples are geared towards empowering team members to be engaged and play their own part in an effective team environment through resilience and commitment. What it means to be resilient, having the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness, being able to be knocked down and bounce back stronger from adversity. Chris tells it straight with honesty and compassion and will inspire those around him.

Chris engages his audiences every time and his ability to share his experiences from a life time of danger is inspiring, engaging and at the same time educational.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Chris is a fantastic speaker who delivers on point real life analogies from his time in the Army and how this can help in the modern business world with honesty and compassion. he will inspire every audience every time."

– Gary Dale, Senior Manager, Schnieder Electric

"Chris spoke live on stage onfront of 160 business owners. I believe Chris's content and knowledge was amazing and the way he wrapped it up into modern language. He has the experience of having to make life changing decisions and I believe that is what leadership is all about."

– Craig Wilkinson, Owner, The Elite Business Aademy

"We invited Chris to speak at our annual event in London in Dec 18. It was clear from the outset that Chris was a fantastic communicator who delivers his message with clarity and vision at the same time showing compassion and understanding. The way he engaged with the team beforehand to enable him to get a full understanding of our requirements was first rate and we cannot recommend his services highly enough. A first rate and effective speaker"

– Chris Gavin, HR Officer, Forsa Energy​

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