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Andrew Wildman

Andrew Wildman

A journey through a career drawing Spider-Man, Transformers, Doctor Who and many others that tells you more about 'you' than you ever thought possible.

Andrew Wildman is an artist who has worked on some of popular culture's best know characters. For a decade he worked for Marvel Comics illustrating books such as Spider-Man, The X-Men, Venom, Power Rangers and the book that he is still best known for; Transformers. His career as an artist then took him into the world of Video Games where he designed concepts for a number of games including Aliens Vs Predator. He currently works as an art director and storyboard artist for TV on live action shows such as Doctor Who, Luther, Poldark, The Alienist and The Innocents and animated shows that include Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave, Horrid Henry and The Clangers. He is also co-creator and art director of Channel5's breakthrough animated TV show; Shane the Chef.

In 2014 Andrew created the celebrated graphic novel; HORIZON. A narrative that utilises his experience as a comic book artist and his training in 'personal development' and 'life coaching'. Described by BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz as "An intriguing book that tells a great story in four wonderful dimensions: words, pictures, speech and space." and by renowned Philosopher and Author, Alain de Botton as; "Very beautiful indeed"

All of these Experiences, influences and training are drawn together in the workshops and lectures delivered by Andrew as he takes the listener on a journey through his career. Every breakthrough and breakdown in his journey is an opportunity for the listener to gain an insight into what it is to navigate a career as a creative. Within that career all the fictional characters that Andrew has worked on provide a metaphor that can inform and inspire and provide insights that leave the participant with a better understanding of themselves, the world around them and a powerful access to a more focused and fulfilling life.

"In your dreams anything is possible. The only way to live your dreams is to wake up."

All talks contain a run through Andrew's life and career that in an engaging (and often amusing) way chart the ups and downs of life as a creative. This is followed by an insight into one aspect of what makes a powerful difference in ones effectiveness and life experience.
Insights are:

  • Communication: The skill of speaking and listening.
  • Relationships: How we relate to others and how they relate to us.
  • Identity: Understanding ‘how’ we are, ‘who’ we are and what is possible for us.
  • Choosing powerfully: How to engage positively and powerfully with the process of choice.
  • Power and Responsibility: Fully owning the power of your life.

Testimonials from Teachers

“Andrew Wildman is able to articulate in an incredibly rational, calm and thoughtful way the many paths that careers can take.
The room was mesmerised by his experiences, his thinking and his articulation of the way life unfolds.”

– Lucy Turner, Art and Design Course Leader, Oxford Brookes​

"Sometimes, on a Games course, especially one as intense as ours here at the NFTS, it can be difficult for the students to feel that they have time to step away from the computers and simply think. Andrew’s sessions allowed just this. Andrew took them away from the world of 1’s and 0’s and spoke to them about creativity, design and illustration."

– Tony Evans, Course Coordinator, MA Games Design and Development, National Film and Television School​

“An engaging and inspirational talk that showed our Year 12 students how a person’s career journey can change positively over time by keeping an open mind to all opportunities and having an optimistic outlook on life.”

– Lisa De Bruyn, Head of Sixth Form, Chipping Norton School​

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