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Vivien Sabel

Vivien Sabel

Award-winning, national/international speaker, bestselling author and psychotherapist - once met never forgotten!

Vivien Sabel is a writer, researcher and psychotherapist best known for her award-winning, international bestselling book The Blossom Method - The Revolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth. Vivien believes mental wealth begins in infancy and as such needs to be nurtured in the home, educational settings and the work place. She is a speaker on a wide variety of mental health topics, some from her own remarkable life story.

Vivien is often called upon to provide ‘expert advice’ in national and international press. Her work has been featured on the BBC. She enjoys speaking on Radio shows and has been invited on to UK TV programmes. She turned down the offer to feature on C4’s The Ecstasy Experiment.

Vivien is further known for her psychotherapeutic work with children, families and adults through the use of creativity and story-telling. She was so inspired by a piece of work with one child, she decided to put her creative talents into action and produced a second book with children in mind. Her therapeutic children’s book Robot Meg She Lives in my Head has become a huge success with children and rather unexpectedly adults too! This book addresses the ‘negative internal critic’ experience that we are all able to recognise, at least on some level. It has become a useful tool in primary educational settings to explore emotional wellbeing with young children and the staff who serve them.

Vivien has worked nationally and internationally in the field of mental health as a trainer and course creator. She is passionate about imparting knowledge and sharing life skills in support of general wellbeing, emotional intelligence and giving children the best possible start in life.

Vivien was raised by a deaf mother and this has seen her develop her knowledge and insight into the world of the Deaf child, the Deaf Community and the value of understanding the language of the body. Although her mother does not use British Sign Language, Vivien’s need to understand ‘all matters Deaf’ has seen her train and work as a Sign Language Interpreter and Linguist. Vivien is passionate about ‘access for all’ and does not see disability as a barrier to anything.

Vivien is a 'serial academic’! She has undertaken 9 degrees and her most recent (Doctorate in Psychotherapy - DPsych) will be complete in February 2019. For this research Vivien ventured into film-making and produced a documentary film for her Viva. The outcome of this research is the creation of The Blossom Method Model promoting communication and positive connection not only in psychotherapy and parenting but in all environments, including educational settings and beyond.

In her spare time she has enjoyed six years of Karate training. She has written and performed poetry on the subject of mental health and she loves to make her own organic products!

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thank you so much for coming to read 'Robot Meg, She Lives in My Head' to all the children at Brackenfield. It is quite obvious from watching their faces during both the telling of the story and the subsequent question and answer session that the children were fully engaged in both the tale and its meaning. I think it is also that the themes told within the book had a huge impact on the children and will undoubtedly effect their thinking in the future. Many thanks once again"

– Ben Bolton, Acting Headteacher, Brackenfield School

"Viven has already made a significant impact in the lives of parents, her PhD has the potential to change the face of Parent-Infant Psychotherapy and be utilised both in practice and in support of attachment between parents and their infants"

– Dr. Rosina McAlpine, CEO, Win Win Parenting

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