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Tobi-Jayne Cadbury

Tobi-Jayne Cadbury

Tobi-Jayne Cadbury is the great-great granddaughter of Philanthropist and Businessman Richard Cadbury, who founded Cadbury's Chocolate with his brother George in 1824 in Birmingham.

The drink Hot Chocolate was invented as a ‘healthy’ alternative to alcohol (as gin had recently started being imported into the UK). Many adults were neglecting theirchildren in order to afford their tipple. Everyone knows the Cadbury name for its delicious chocolate, but very few know of the social impact the Cadburyname had on society.

In the 1800’s the family could see the impact alcohol was having on the community and they set about change. The majority of local people had sold their children in order to afford drink and were now living in gutters. ‘This was not how the world should be’ thought George Cadbury - ‘no person should live where a flower cannot grow’. George and his brother Richard worked tirelessly to stop alcohol taking over Birmingham, and they were winning! Many people bought hot chocolate as an alternative. Soon, they had invented more chocolate options and were able to open a factory.

The brothers could see that many of their factory workers were still living in squalor and they set about reinvesting their profits into building homes for their staff - each home was built with a fruit tree in the garden, so there was always fresh produce for the workers to enjoy. George wanted to build a place which was full of green spaces, a sanctuary where the Cadbury workers could leave the dirty city behind. The brothers also noticed how many of the workers still couldn’t read or write, so George would stay at the factory until the early hours teaching them. The brothers also built schools for the workers children, swimming pools and libraries. It was well known that if you had been able to secure a job at the Cadbury factory, you had ‘made it’.

There are many things Cadburys did which many people still, to this day, do not know. Did you know that children being sent up chimneys was made illegal due to the Cadburys helping to bring in the Chimney Sweep Act?

Did you know that Bank Holidays used to be for bankers only? In 1911 Cadburys became the first company to give their employees the extra day off. They believed there was no difference between their factory workers and the bankers - everyone deserved an extra day of rest. Other companies soon followed suit. Cadburys was also the first company to pay women and black workers the same wage as white male workers. They truly believed in putting people before profits. Without the Cadbury brothers, society today would be a very different place.

I am very passionate regarding my ancestors accomplishments and proud that The Cadbury family is still taught as part of the national curriculum.

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