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Shaun Flores

Shaun Flores

Social media has given rise to a new breed of influencers aiming to have the right in the world, who use their charisma and creativity to engage and inspire their followers. However many are role models, but not in the right roles. Among these influential figures is Shaun, who has carved a unique identity in a world that challenges the notion of being an influencer where conformity often reigns supreme. Shaun believes that everyone deserves to live their best life, and he uses his platform to promote mental health, well-being and resilience.

At 27 years old, Shaun was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Since then, he has used his experience to help dismantle dated and untrue beliefs about OCD by partnering with various charities.

Additionally, this diagnosis ultimately led him down a path of self-discovery; from being consumed by fear and depression to recognizing himself as an advocate for those affected by OCD. It took the assistance of a therapist to whom he promised to help others as a to thank you for Shaun's healing journey to begin - but now it is safe for us all to say that Shaun has gone from survivor to thriver with OCD.

He is also a public speaker with two TEDx Talks, TEDx 2022 & TEDx 2018. In 2018 Shaun gave a TEDx Talk about the education system and how we can do more to ensure no one is left behind. His second TEDx talk was on "The straitjacket of masculinity and male mental health" in 2022. His third TEDx entitled “The revolution is through the mind, the power of the upcoming psychedelic revolution” about why drug policy and drug laws are preventing the research into psychedelic treatment that could potentially help many individuals with their mental health struggles.

Shaun started as a fashion model and he has great success featured in many world-renowned magazines. Alongside catwalks at London Fashion Week and worked with commercial fashion brands such as ASOS, Papa John, UBER, John Lewis and Peleton. Since then Shaun has spoken out about the dangers of the modelling industry that left him with disordered eating, which drastically changed his relationship with his body and mental health. From being positively affirmed whilst at his very worse physically, Shaun engaged in restricted eating in an attempt to achieve the desired "model look".

Talk Example: Unintended Consequences: How Pornography Becomes an Illegitimate Sexual Education for Many Young Boys

In today's digital age, the pervasive availability of explicit content on the internet has given rise to an unexpected and concerning phenomenon: pornography as a form of sexual education for young boys.

In today's digital age, the pervasive availability of explicit content on the internet has given rise to an unexpected and concerning phenomenon: pornography as a form of sexual education for young boys. Shaun has written about his challenges with porn addiction for the

At around 11 Shaun was first introduced to porn, he hadn't even turned 12, but porn had already sunk its claws into him. It would be years later before he realised he was addicted. First introduced to them by a friend of his and from that moment on, they quickly became an integral part of his life. It was the first thing Shaun watched in the morning, and the last thing at night as normal as brushing his teeth. Unfortunately, discussions about the birds and bees were absent at home because – in my experience – Caribbean culture is conservative, and does not involve such taboo conversations. Sex education at school was pretty much non-existent, too. The more we deny porn and its impact on young men. Looking back now, Shaun now realises the impact porn has had on his life, It became a constant that Shaun relied on through everything, as well as a pacifier. It was almost comforting. But by staying away from it, I am starving the monster that crept into my life. We must encourage more conversations about porn

Attendee Results:

Removing the taboos about sex and realising it is a part of life.

What we can do to prevent more porn addicts.

The difference between healthy porn use and non-healthy porn use.

The effects of porn on the young male brain

How can we foster open and honest conversations about porn.

Watch his TedTalk here:

Testimonials from Teachers

'Shaun is a highly focused individual with experience in modelling, communications, and marketing.

He is an excellent communicator who has delivered 2 TEDx talks that have been well-received in the community and recognised by professionals across the world.

Having worked closely with Shaun on a variety of projects, including the development of his TEDx in Sheffield, Hallam University and Roehampton BAME Leaders conference, I have witnessed his dedication and ability to research, analyse and communicate ideas that transform and uplift diverse communities, cultures, and identities.

At present, I work closely with Shaun to expand his capacity to transform communities and communicate his personal ideas through podcasting. He has been working closely with BANG Edutainment to develop a podcast focused on exploring ideas surrounding identity and confidence within marginalised communities.

Shaun can connect with any community and create an open dialogue for change while also being a leader that brings communities together.'

– ​Derrick Ogole, Digital Lead, BANG Edutainment

'I've been working with Shaun for several months now and have been impressed by his work. I run a charity called Orchard OCD that helps develop new and better treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a devastating yet common and very trivialised mental illness. Shaun first contacted me when he was going through an OCD crisis, and I gave him advice from my personal experience of OCD about how to access help from the NHS. I was impressed by Shaun's commitment to fighting his OCD and to using this traumatic experience as a platform for raising awareness about OCD and helping other patients with this disorder.

Shaun is a talented communicator and comes across very professionally and clearly as a speaker and writer. He is reliable and always delivers as promised. He is easy to work with and is a good team player. He is not frightened of sharing his own experience of some of the lesser known yet equally common and devastating forms of OCD (harm OCD, suicide OCD, sexual orientation OCD). Indeed, we urgently need more people like Shaun who are ok raising awareness of these forms of OCD to challenge the prevailing stereotype that OCD is just about lining up your pencils and checking your locks a few times. Shaun already has feedback from numerous other sufferers who welcome his openness as it helped them deal with their OCD and explain it to their friends and family.

I fully recommend Shaun to your organisation.'

– ​Nick Sireau, PhD Chair, Founder and OCD patient, Orchard OCD

'I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Shaun Daniel Carl Flores is an exceptionally gifted Public Speaker. I know this as I have known Shaun on a personal and professional level now for over the past 10 years and have attended several of his talks.

The last event I attended was his TEDx talk called, ‘The Straight Jacket of Masculinity’.

The way that the spoke was deeply engaging, it was heartfelt and relatable to me and many of those in the audience. He knew how to set the scene through the way he spoke about his lived experiences, keeping it clear and concise, all done whilst keeping it factual through research/studies he has referred to.

Shaun’s natural flow and wordplay have always been one to behold if you have been able to witness his talks in person.

He would make an amazing addition to your agency.'

– ​Malcolm George-Edwards, Gastrology Patient Co-coordinator

"It was amazing, he was fantastic with students, they would have stayed all evening if I hadn’t have had to ask them to leave. The questions just kept coming and he answered them so calmly and honestly. I was very impressed and a big thanks to you for suggesting!"

– Susan Fogarty, Head of Sixth Form, Slough and Eton Enterprise College

"Thank you so much for your fantastic talk yesterday. You had such a great rapport with the students and the presentation was very moving and thought-provoking. The students really enjoyed it, and I know you had an impact on them. Thanks, too, for judging the poster competition; not an easy task but your idea of presentations worked brilliantly. We hope to have you back into school in the near future!"

– Lizzy Lewis, Assistant House Parent, Barnes B Jr Learning for Life Coordinator International Student Support, Christ's Hospital

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