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Sam Jarman

Sam Jarman

What if the way life really worked was different from what you were told?

Most people live with the belief that their feelings arise from and are affected by the situations and circumstances of their lives. For example, we are often told that stress and pressure come from exams, a job interview or a big game. That self esteem and confidence come from success and achievements. That happiness comes from finding a fulfilling role or having meaningful relationships.

Unfortunately none of these things are true. They are symptoms of a deeper misunderstanding about how human beings experience life. As we can see from the examples given above, this misunderstanding can be the cause of much of the anxiety, frustration, unfulfilled expectations and mental ill health which many young people are suffering with from day to day.

In our talk we will offer simple everyday examples of how and why these erroneous beliefs come to be part of our lives. We point to situations and circumstances which all young people have encountered where their direct experience was showing them that these beliefs were in fact not true!

In doing so we encourage them to question these ideas and theories and come up with fresh insights and new thinking which can release stress and pressure, reduce insecurity and build resilience for the future.

We will offer stories and insights from many years playing and coaching in professional sport to shine a light on the one key misunderstanding at the heart of all these apparent causes of stress. In doing so we can offer young people and teachers a simpler, more coherent and functional approach to living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Sam speaks quietly but with passion and authority, from his experience as a player and coach, and from his own work with Garret Kramer among others. He asks questions and challenges you: he invites questions at the end and discusses with the audience. It was a very good and interesting session, and I would recommend Sam."

– Iain Henderson, Deputy Head Teacher, Wellington College

“Sam has delivered innate health and wellbeing sessions to pupils and parents at our school and has received extremely positive feedback. He is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and talks with a passion and insight that engages the audience. The content of his work is powerful and given the time, potentially life changing to many. Personally I have found a greater understanding of myself through discussions and session participation. Feedback from pupils has been of a greater understanding of the world around them and their perception of it, parents were desperate to hear more. He comes highly recommended from myself and my school, we are looking forward to our whole staff working with Sam in September.”

– David Bushnell, Deputy Head Teacher, Gayhurst School​

"Sam has now made a combination of multiple visits to Newlands Junior College (NJC) over a couple of years. NJC is a school we set up for young 14 to 16 year old’s who were dropping out of education, who are mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds and are otherwise facing pretty bleak futures. The said visits have been very inspiring visits for the students. For some of our students, talking about the difficult times is just as relevant (if not more so), as discussing with them hopeful futures. We do both! He talks about their backgrounds and where real performance, resilience and contentment come from. They make real connections with the young people and I know a number of them have stayed in touch and their visits are fondly remembered. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them as speakers for any school. In fact, I have learnt a lot from them myself and maintain a very fruitful personal dialogue with them."

– Alex Stewart, Deputy Chairman, Newlands Junior College​

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