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Ollie Rastall

Ollie Rastall

An Entrepreneurial Journey - Motivate students lacking direction and/or self belief!

Academics was never Ollie’s strong point. His schooling and peer groups seemed to base intelligence and potential on the ability to perform in exams. Disenchanted with the further education route, Ollie moved to the States in his late teens to gain real life experience in an industry that he was passionate about; football. Whilst abroad, an entrepreneurial streak was unearthed and he returned to the UK two years later with ideas for start-ups, supported by the confidence gained from real-world experiences.

Several failed businesses in his 20s, along with the realisation that he just was not cut out to be an employee, meant that Ollie was at a cross-roads at the age of 29. He asked himself; persevere with the corporate ladder or with the self-employed dream?

Multiple business awards and entrepreneur awards allude to the direction in which Ollie chose and he can now appeal to audiences of students across all levels. Students with an academic interest for business and those with a burning desire to leave schooling behind to unleash their ideas on the world will be highly motivated by Ollie’s journey.

Ollie provides an unconventional perspective to making the next steps in life and places emphasis on what it takes to make the best of your opportunities and how to spot them when they come along. Having failed spectacularly along his journey, Ollie expands on learning how to fail and coaches his audience in turning a loss into a win.

Drawing on his experience in endurance events, Ollie has also given talks about taking part some of the most challenging events in the world of amateur sport; Cape Epic, Race Across America, Double Ironman, and Transalps to name but a few. He elaborates on the highs and lows of getting out of the comfort zone with anecdotal references that offer motivation to those looking for inspiration to do the same.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Ollie possess effortless charm and speaks in relaxed and entertaining way that engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Being young, driven and ambitious, he epitomises the values and characteristics that we at Young Enterprise endeavour to inspire and spark in all our students. It was clear that Ollie’s story and journey resonates with so many young people and his approachable manner leaves a positive impression on all that meet him."

– Jon Collins, Young Enterprise Manager

"Ollie gave an inspirational presentation to our Year 10 visitors from Fernhill, Cove, Frogmore, Calthorpe Park and Wavell Schools. Ollie’s hard working ethos came across clearly in his extremely relevant talk, which also stressed the importance of excellent communication skills, reliability and enthusiasm."

– Christine Eustace, The Sixth Form College, Farnborough

"Ollie visited Ash Manor School to give a careers talk to our Year 10 and Year 11 students. Ollie’s talk was very motivational and talked about the fact most people’s success is about working hard and taking every opportunity. The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ollie and asked him lots of really insightful questions afterwards, which allowed Ollie to talk about having the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to take an idea forward. Mrs McGuire commented that the Year 11 students were buzzing when they returned from the talk."

– Jane Sheridan, STEM Co-ordinator, Ash Manor School​

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