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Nick Rothwell

Nick Rothwell

Nick is a confident and competent speaker at events, able to engage audiences with his personal story and instigate progressive change through his proven strategies. A truly transformational speaker for any corporate client.

The former professional sportsman draws on his first-hand experience of mental health challenges to support others in making positive changes in their lives. Through honest and judgment-free talks, Nick improves education surrounding mental health and offers strategies to develop compassionate environments.

A former professional ice hockey player, Nick thrived in the dynamic team sport, a master on skates and an eager team player. As with many sports, there is a lifespan, and once Nick hung up his hockey kit, he threw himself into the world of broadcasting. With an engaging personality and passion for sports, it wasn’t long before Nick became a television host for SKY. From hosting Rink Side Report to the NFL and the Superbowl Nick was an instant hit with viewers and producers alike, thanks to his expertise. However, the fast-paced lifestyle and loneliness took their toll on Nick, who turned to substance use, depression and anxiety, a far cry from the life he had lived as a professional sportsman.

In 2016, having overcome his demons, Nick Co-Founded Re-Tribe. Learning the value of community and connectivity, something he had experienced in sports, Nick now encourages others to prioritise this in their own lives. Supporting people in finding their tribe, Nick recognises the power of isolation on mental health, and as such encourages people in their personal and professional lives to developing their own community. Through workplace accountability and compassionate policies, Nick’s methods lead to positive change.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Nick is not just an exceptional speaker but a conversation starter. He joined us for one of our safeguarding sessions, focusing on adverse childhood experiences. His captivating presentation allowed trainee teachers to explore ACEs and mental health through different lenses. By creating a safe space, Nick allowed trainees to question and share some of their experiences as well as to explore some of the issues at deeper levels, including re-examining one’s perceptions of mental health."

– Daniela Zerouak, Lecturer, Cumbria University

"Nick is an exceptional speaker! His mission to change toxic and limiting cultures that impact on men is one to be applauded and embraced. He speaks from the heart and never dodges the difficult or uncomfortable. Worth a listen every time!"

– Dr Misia Gervis. Sports Psychologist & Post-Graduate Course Director, Brunel University

"Nick spoke at our #FWord leadership collective in October. He spoke with humility, compassion & vulnerability about his life story. Our membership is keen to understand about how people learn from setbacks & demonstrate compassion in leadership roles - Nick delivered on that agenda to the point. He was engaging & fun and I would highly recommend more people listen to his story to improve their personal brand."

– Stephen Mitchell , Co-Founder of Sporting People

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