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Mervyn Mensah

Mervyn Mensah

Raising ASPIRATIONS, changing BEHAVIOUR and increasing CONFIDENCE

Mervyn Mensah has invested the last 12 years in working extensively with young people across various settings including hard to reach high risk young people from HMP Feltham Young Offenders Institute and Youth Offending Teams to Schools, Pupil Referral Unit, NHS Stop Smoking Services and Social Services’ Looked after Children & Leaving Care Services.

Mervyn’s own personal story of overcoming challenges in life including poverty, family dysfunction homelessness leading to college exclusion and criminality has given him the ability to successfully build rapport with and relate to young people with the most challenging background and those from all walks of life.

In the years following college exclusion and witnessing his close friend being stabbed Mervyn was able to successfully turn his life around to complete a BSc Business Information Technology Degree with a 2:1. He then progressed to hold various professional positions including promotions to management. Mervyn never forgot his years as a youth and had always yearned to make a difference for the young people that faced similar challenges he experienced.

Initially trained a Stop Smoking Specialist providing workshops in schools Mervyn progressed to securing various positions within Social Services. Mervyn leveraged his professional skills, experiences as well as his understanding of the factors affecting young people to develop as an effective speaker utilising powerful storytelling to bring illustrations to life and to convey messages efficiently but also in a relatable manner.

The running theme at the heart of Mervyn’s talks is that no matter what their current situation is, young people are here on purpose with a purpose and for a purpose. At such a vulnerable stage of life he believes that it is necessary that young people begin their path to success with the essential values, attitudes and resilience needed for the journey ahead. The power that comes with identifying a purpose adds value to their lives and can bring a determined desire to see success in their lives.

Mervyn offers a fresh, creative and enjoyable approach to inspiring and raising the aspirations of young people. The interactive content identifies and challenges mind-sets that can create interference between young people’s abilities and them reaching their full potential. Mervyn specialises in empowering and equipping young people with practical and memorable motivational tools to identify their purpose create confidence and defeat the thinking that can create fear and limitation in order to live successful lives.

It has been said that Mervyn is uniquely gifted in taking complex messages and communicating them into simple ideas whilst keeping students fully engaged. Mervyn’s relatable but direct approach has caused him to become a sought after resource for schools motivating his audiences to leave feeling confident and positive about taking action on their academic and personal goals.

Testimonials from Teachers

Mervyn is an extremely passionate and highly experienced practitioner with an astute ability to fuse his insightful experience into his speaking. He possesses a great ability to engage his audiences through the use of effective storytelling and as a result he has consistently received feedback about how he has left his audiences “spellbound”. One of Mervyn’s powerful strengths is his ability to deeply reflect on his own journey and then share his experiences in a way that challenges inspires and encourages his audience.

His down to earth nature has a way of inviting apathetic students to genuinely explore what it would look like for them to be committed to being their best and due to his experience Mervyn is able to deliver to powerfully as well as leaving his audiences with more than enough food for thought. His extensive work in prisons usually wins him immediate credibility with students and his passion, delivery and eclectic range of skills as a speaker keep his audiences engaged from beginning to end."

– James Aidoo, Founder of Innerscope​

"The incredibly inspiring Mervyn Mensah was in full flow as he presented to our Year 11 and Year 13s in an assembly at Park Academy West London this morning. Our students were spellbound by his motivational allegory on resilience, resistance and confronting our lions and ropes that can hold us back from achievement. Truly Aspirational!"

– Paul Daniel, Vice Principal, Park Academy West London​

"Mervyn delivered an inspirational session to our students. The session was interactive and engaging and the students benefited from it greatly. What impressed me the most about Mervyn was the way he connected with the students and how he got his message across to them instantly. My teaching staff present also commented that Mervyn communicated on the students’ level, the session related to real life situations. We appreciated his experiences, how the stories linked in to the students’ goals and how they could be successful. I would definitely recommend Mervyn to deliver motivational workshops to students - he is an inspirational person."

– Omar Deria, Deputy Headteacher, Forest Gate Community School​

"Mervyn Mensah has worked here at Anstee Bridge with Katherine Greening and myself several times over the last four years, helping our disadvantaged students with our creative and artistic workshops. Not only is Mervyn reliable, punctual, well organised and polite but more importantly he is very skilled in communicating with our students. He is a positive, enthusiastic person, able to motivate the many different sorts of characters we have, and lay down ground rules and enforce them in a way that keeps individuals and the group on board."

– Jason Philps, Lead Teaching Assistant, Anstee Bridge​

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