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Maisie Relph

Maisie Relph

Maisie was stalked by her ex- driving instructor aged 17 and is now trying to raise awareness and make a difference

Maisie began having driving lessons from a man called Graham in July 2020, at age just 17. He was a local instructor in the area and 15 of Maisie's friends learnt with him, he was a well known instructor with a good reputation. Maisie had no idea that learning how to drive would turn into such a nightmare.

Things turned to hell when the then 52 year old showed a liking to brave Maisie and began to stalk her. This included creating fake social media accounts to see what she was up to after Maisie blocked him, travelling 225 miles to her university accommodation in York, paying dark web hackers to access her social media accounts, following Maisie and much much more.

Now aged 19, Maisie is now trying to raise awareness for the situation to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else, from appearing on national TV, recording stalking podcasts and speaking in schools, Maisie aims to make a difference and help others.

This is a story with a powerful message, perfect to keep students engaged whilst raising awareness and conveying such an important story.

Watch Maisie in action here here.

Testimonials from Teachers

I have never seen students so engaged within an assembly, they asked questions and were truly shocked about what Maisie had to say. She spoke with positivity and enthusiasm conveying a breathtaking story with a vital message. We will definitely book again for next years sixth formers.

– Colfes School, Blackheath

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