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Luke Grose

Luke Grose

Making things happen through adventure, resilience and endurance

Whether it's rowing an ocean, getting a place in the school sports team, passing your exams or learning a new language we can all work towards achieving what’s important to us with the right planning, preparation and support.

Luke has been on some big, life-changing expeditions but his focus is now on finding adventure closer to home and helping others see how easy and accessible adventure can be. Combining experiences and lessons learned from expeditions and working in a variety of corporate environments his talks, workshops and 121 sessions are designed to help individuals and teams make things happen and not fear failure.

Themes and areas covered typically include:

  • How to make things happen.
  • How to maintain focus and not get bored.
  • Goal setting and taking the first step.
  • Building resilience and overcoming setbacks & fear of failure.
  • How to design a local adventure (with family, friends or at school)
  • Why adventure is important for everyone.

Adventure is powerful! It has the ability to positively impact lives and create great things; memories, freedom, success, friendship. It also teaches so many lessons and principles that help us to achieve what’s important (in our personal lives, at school and at work). Luke's talks are illustrated using personal experiences from some of the below.

1. Finding adventure everywhere

Adventure doesn’t need to be big, bold and daring. You don’t have to free climb the tallest rock face on the planet to do something memorable and inspiring. If it allows you to experience something new and take you away from the everyday it’s an adventure. Some of Luke's favourite trips have been close to home with friends and family and he really believes adventure can be found anywhere.

2. Between Lakes and Fells – a self-designed adventure

Taking a 20kg slam ball to the top of the highest peak in England and carrying a sledgehammer around one of biggest lakes in the UK probably seems slightly odd. And it is. But this adventure was one of the most enjoyable trips Luke has ever done. Up, Down and Around was a self-designed adventure which saw us, over the course of 10 days, climb the 10 highest peaks of the Lake District and complete a lap of the 10 biggest Lakes, carrying something awkward and heavy; car tyres, sand bags, logs, rocks, kettle bells, sledgehammers and more.

3. Chaos and Calm: Rowing the Atlantic Ocean

The idea to row 3000 miles across one of the biggest oceans in the world sounded like a good one sat in a coffee shop in the Yorkshire Dales one afternoon. Two years later, they were ready to go. Luke had learnt how to row, how to navigate at sea, how to survive if he capsized and importantly the secret to overcoming sea sickness. Setting off with a world record in our sights, they were confident of a quick and stable crossing. It was anything but! Their whole race and world record attempt was ripped apart in the first 24 hours.

4. The Classic (with a twist): Cycling the length of the UK, twice

Land's End to John o'Groats (or the other way round) is an infamous long-distance cycle route in the UK. It's a route that's a favourite amongst cycling enthusiasts and charity fundraisers. Luke has taken on this iconic route twice. The first attempt was from John o'Groats to Land's End and it was done with a twist; mountain biking and kayaking from one end of the UK to the other. The second version was a speed attempt on road bikes covering the distance in 84 hours.

Testimonials from Teachers

"I have attended five presentations that Luke has made, ranging from formal occasions such as Speech Day with 800 people in attendance, to less formal events such as a House Dinner. Every time I have been impressed with Luke’s delivery, his clear message and his obviously meticulous preparation. His presentations are always delivered with the audience in mind."

– WS Robertson, Giggleswick School​

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