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Lucy Shepherd

Lucy Shepherd

Extreme explorer, Lucy, tells stories of adventure from the jungle, the high mountains and the arctic.

Lucy shares her secrets on how to stay positive when the going gets tough, facing the odds and achievning your goal no matter how ambitious it might be!

As genuine travel has become easier and easier, true adventure has inevitably become ever more elusive.

Enter Lucy Shepherd.

At twenty-nine years old, Shepherd is at the forefront of modern exploration. From mountain range and tropical rainforests, to the Arctic tundra, she has plotted a thrilling, inimitable path for herself.

Through film she documents her endeavours not only to captivate audiences and demonstrate the harrowing effects of climate change but inspire a new generation of bold adventurers and influential stewards.

Her message?

Adventure is a mindset, not a moment.

Aged only twenty-three, Lucy was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a historic body who supported the work of historic figures such as Charles Darwin, Edmund Hillary, and Scott of the Antarctic. She is also the youngest member of the council of the Scientific Exploration Society, one of the world’s oldest exploration charities. A dedicated environmentalist, Lucy is, above all, driven by a desire to educate about the fragile state of our planet. She does this through an illustrated blog on her website, by engaging with her young fan base through Instagram and YouTube channel and fascinating crowds during her many speaking engagements.

Lucy’s thrilling accounts of her expeditions show clear resilience but what is surprising is how her leadership has developed over the years. Lucy is determined to prove that we are all capable of being resilient and taking on hurdles and challenges that we may have thought were impossible in the past.

Lucy’s most recent expedition was an expedition to an isolated part of the Amazon where Lucy was joined by Amerindians as her team. She spent 50 days moving through uncharted jungle and the team faced dangers every single day.

Although still young, Lucy has more stories to tell than most manage in a lifetime.

Lucy’s inspirational and adrenaline talk provides both motivation and escapism. Lucy discusses multiple topics within her epic tales of adventures and her leadership and teamwork skill set comes across throughout. Her key messages woven within her talk are the ability to face adversity head on, following your dreams and the importance of positivity, creativity and curiosity.

With an ever-growing media profile, many places left to visit, and millions still to educate, you can be certain that she will continue to be a vital presence on the world stage for decades to come.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Everything I've heard from Lucy has been very positive. I think it's really good for students to hear alternative stories and expand their horizons. Maybe one day I'll even be able to come with you, the Artic looks amazing. Thank you for helping them believe in themselves. "

– Izzy Brown, Head of Sixth Form, Woodbridge School Sixth Form

"Lucy is very passionate about what she does, her talk and the amazing slides of her adventures were a real inspiration to all of those lucky enough to listen to her speak. She injected us with her enthusiasm and we looking forwarding to keeping in touch to hear about her future expeditions. Thank you Lucy for sharing your adventures with us."

– Jo Middleton, Head of Year and Head of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Thomas Mills High School

"As part of year 4's 'Misty Mountain Sierra' CLP topic, real life explorer Lucy Shepherd came to visit Belmont to share her amazing experiences with a very captive audience. The children were incredibly engaged throughout and loved seeing the breath taking phots as well as watching clips from Lucy's adventures. Lucy sent a very positive, and inspirational, message to the children about following their passions, which they very much took on board. They were clearly very intrigued as they were gripped throughout and had lots of interesting questions for her at the end. It was a fantastic opportunity and one that they will certainly remember!"

– Nicki Cregg, Year Teacher, Belmont Primary School

"Lucy Shepherd was a huge success at Chepstow House School! The children loved her and she kept everyone at the edge of their seats while she recanted her tales of exploration and bravery. The audience was children from reception age to Year 6 and it takes a very interesting story and a great story TELLER to keep everyone interested. She took the kids through her adventures including surviving a polar bear near encounter, and actual encounters with snakes, spiders, wild boars, jaguars and wasps while climbing and trekking mountains, jungles, rivers.

She talked about inner confidence, conquering fears, protecting the planet, personal perseverance and resilience and also perhaps an addiction to “Type 2 fun” - which is fun that is had after completing hard work. It was absolutely perfect and we are already looking forward to having her visit Chepstow again when she finishes her book!"

– Jessica Bride, Chepstow House School

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