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Lara Prior-Palmer

Lara Prior-Palmer

Inspirational and witty young speaker who won the world's toughest horse race in Mongolia.

Lara had just left school when she signed up for the Mongol Derby, a 1,000 kilometer race that involved riding 25 semi-wild horses through the Mongolian steppe for 7-10 days. Past competitors had incurred amputated thumbs and broken ribs; Lara’s expectations were not high. But against the odds, she won, becoming the youngest competitor ever to complete the course. She has since written a book charting how the race distilled and challenged her attitudes more generally. It is currently in the publishing process.

Meanwhile Lara studies History & Philosophy at Stanford University, alongside learning German, Farsi and Arabic. In the past year she has undertaken travels to Eastern Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, using her languages and study of history to produce travel writing. It is through writing and speaking that Lara hopes to challenge our understanding of such places, and indeed our understanding of ‘place’ itself.

Lara is the niece of legendary Olympic equestrian, Lucinda Green, and the great-great granddaughter of David Lloyd George (UK Prime Minister 1916-1922), whose boundless enthusiasm she shares. Her mission in speaking is to dissolve boundaries and make audiences feel anything is possible. This is not just a tale of winning the world’s longest horse race, but a provocative journey into why and how we make the decisions we do.

Lara has recently had her book 'Rough Magic' published which can be viewed here.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Terrific! Witty, honest and so inspiring"

– Emily Hedgecoe

"Both young and old were captivated by her enthusiasm, wonderful photos, candor and hilarious sense of humour"

– Judy Hyson, Royal Artillery DC.

"An enthralling and inspiring account of an amazing adventure"

– Julia Lloyd George​

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