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Jane Kenyon

Jane Kenyon

Inspiring, Engaging and REAL. An entrepreneur with a story or two to tell

Jane is a female champion leading 2 aspirational brands in the UK focussed on inspiring women and teenage girls to step up and shine. Her social enterprise Girls Out Loud in now in its 8th year and is on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls across the UK. Over the past 7 years Jane and her team have worked in over 38 schools and impacted the lives of over 5000 teenage girls. Jane is passionate about empowering girls to find their voice, rock their resilience and grasp their much needed gumption.

Her back story is powerful and helps her develop immediate rapport with girls and her expertise working in this niche is unparalleled. She has a unique ability to motivate and inspire the next generation of female talent. She is authentic, warm, funny, courageous and smart and without doubt an awesome role model for girls everywhere.

Her value as a speaker is around her personal development expertise – as a coach, cognitive behaviour specialist and NLP practitioner, her ability to help girls rethink, reframe and reinvent is a masterclass and her open and honest story telling is mesmerising.

Alongside her role as Founder and CEO at Girls Out Loud she is also a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, coach, serial entrepreneur and game changer.

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Testimonials from Teachers

"I’ve had the absolute privilege of hearing Jane speak at our recent Female Leadership Conference. Her wisdom, passion, enthusiasm and insightfulness shone through. Jane’s words made me stop, reflect and appreciate what a struggle it can be for women in the workplace even in 2019! Jane also brought home the great responsibility we all have for ensuring young girls don’t need to fight the same fight. I would encourage you to spend time with Jane, her powerful message packs a definite punch, with delightful humour and a humility that is all too sadly rare in the world today. Her words made reflect on my duty as a man to change this world for the better. I will never forget listening to Jane"

– Wayne Norrie, CEO, Greenwood Academies Trust

"Jane is a wonderfully gifted speaker and inspiration to so many. I have seen Jane speaking several times and one of the most impactful was when she spoke at the Blackpool STEP UP event for 500 teenagers. There were young girls in the room who totally got where Jane was coming from and realised after hearing her own dramatic story that anything in life is possible. Just awesome."

– Michelle Clarke, XL Organisation and Organising Committee STEP UP

"Jane was invited to Moor Park with a brief of providing a workshop for the whole of Year 11 to leave them feeling motivated and able to successfully tackle the impending GCSE examinations. After breaking down the year group into smaller groups, Jane talked to the pupils about people who were successful and the role luck played in their success. Jane redefined luck in such a way that the students still talk about it today, months after her session. Luck is about putting yourself in the right location, with the right group of friends/peers, understanding the success criteria and having the right mindset. Jane then went on to work with the pupils showing them how to motivate themselves, setting positive anchors and ended by facilitating a motivational visualisation with all of the groups. The workshop was very well received by the pupils and the techniques were definitely used in the period leading up to and during their GCSE examinations. It was very inspirational and so different to just a ‘talking at’ session."

– Michelle Billington, Head of Enterprise, Moor Park Business & Enterprise School

"Jane is a gifted speaker who draws on an incredible personal story to engage with young people and champion persistence, determination and that all can achieve success. Her story is deeply honest and relevant; she will motivate those listening to believe that they are someone of value in this world and that they have skills and abilities to make a difference."

– Fee Lealman, Assistant Headteacher, Fairfield High School for Girls​

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