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Hannah Bailey

Hannah Bailey

A young entrpreneur helping others to learn about business and passionate about health & wellbeing!

Hannah Bailey was originally born in London but spent most of her childhood growing up in Lincolnshire before moving to Sheffield for university where she has stayed. Before university, Hannah studied at Spading High School. From a young age, she has been interested in food and cooking and she went on to study food technology at GCSE then A Level which ignited her passion for nutrition.

Hannah studied Public Health Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University and set up her business after graduating in 2010. She sat her final exam knowing exactly what she was going to do with the business. She is a young entrepreneur running a successful nutrition business and believes her passion and determination have got her to where she is now. Hannah has overcome many hurdles in the past two years. Her work has involved a variety of people from individuals to nurseries to sports teams and she has now set up The Real Food Club which she plans to franchise.

Not only is Hannah passionate about business and helping young entrepreneurs, she is also passionate about health and wellbeing. She believes it is vital to encourage the nation to have healthier lifestyles starting at a young age through educating our children using fun and interactive sessions to help them understand why it’s so important.

Hannah is keen to spend more time talking to young people both about running a business as a young female entrepreneur and about health and nutrition. Her enthusiasm is contagious and keeps the audience involved and interested.

Hannah will run interactive nutrition sessions to help students preparing for exams understand. Sessions can vary in length but will help students understand the effect of food on their bodies especially their brains and why a healthy balanced diet with a few treats can help them perform better at school and in exams. Hannah will give students her top tips for coping with the stress of exams without turning to food. She will also explain the consequences of too much junk food and caffeine especially caffeine drinks.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Hannah came to The Really NEET College and delivered a nutritional workshop for both staff and students. It was extremely informative, interesting and thought provoking and our students really engaged in the session and some of our staff members have even changed their existing diets to a far more healthy alternative thanks so Hannah's teaching. And one thing’s for sure we all drink a lot more water!

– Sophie Maxwell, Really Neet, Sheffield

"Hannah came into work with our Year 10 GCSE Business students, the event went well with all students engaging in the Question and Answer activity. Hannah was open and honest about her personal experiences in business and the students responded well to this and enjoyed working with her."

– Leader of Learning in Business Studies and Business & Enterprise Fir Vale School, Sheffield​

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