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Gurds Hundal

Gurds Hundal

From a ‘C’ student to radio presenter, turned business owner, author and now travelling the world! A dynamic voice for the modern generation of girls and young women

Gurds Hundal uses her cheeky sense of humour and bubbly personality to engage and inspire the audience that ‘anything is possible’ when you have a positive mindset and unshakeable belief in yourself.

Her humble personality allows young people to easily relate to her and the way she delivers her message empowers young people to follow their dreams and focus on their goals. She believes every student needs support in managing their mental health and wellbeing so they can thrive at school and in life. As a former broadcast journalist, healthcare advisor and radio presenter, she understands the many demands young people face. She loves inspiring and empowering young people to be the best version of themselves; something she wished she had growing up.

Gurds was a ‘C’ student at school and was often told that she could never be a Journalist due to her grades. She quickly realised it was her bad habits holding her back from succeeding. She then studied a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and landed her first opportunity at BBC Radio Leicester at the age of 19, without an application! Through self-belief and determination, she studied a Masters in Broadcast Journalism, quickly leading to roles at ITV National News, BBC Radio 1, Women’s Health and CTV National News in Canada. Gurds understood that everything was within her reach and no one could hold her back.

She then hosted Get Inspired with Gurds on UK Health Radio, produced a health documentary, a TV script and stood outside 10 Downing Street. She now hosts The Inner Light Project podcast, where she empowers others to believe in themselves and their inner power.

Gurds is now an Empowerment Coach and Self-Healing Expert for girls and young women, that specialises in helping them boost their self-confidence, speak their truth and finally be themselves. She believes many students are struggling with self-confidence and mental health more than ever before. They need practical tools to become secure in their identity and their emotions. She provides many services to schools including interactive workshops, presentations and speeches. From confidence building, self-esteem, managing anxiety, mindfulness techniques, self-awareness, positivity, emotional intelligence to creating a balanced life.

Gurds is no stranger to low self-esteem, she grew up with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, childhood trauma to remarkably turning her life around at the age of 25. Now in her mid 30’s, she understands the importance of self-confidence, speaking her truth and taking care of her mental health.

Gurds has written a book called Educo: 52 Quotes For A Better Life to help young people and adults to unlock their fears and follow their dreams. She travels the world teaching the importance of self-belief and the power of unlearning to relearn. In the book, she explains that it does not matter who you are, or where you are from, you can achieve anything, the first step is to try.

Testimonials from Teachers

Gurdeep is beyond amazing. I want to say thank you for being so inspiring, not just to the young people but to me also. Your strength and hard work has shown me that anything is possible if you put hard work in”

– Indie Gordon, Senior Mentor, The Challenge

“Gurds is an amazing speaker, I will always think of you as an inspiration. You are truly my next role model”

– Saadia, The Challenge, NCS

“Thank you Gurds for teaching us things about life and how to pick ourselves up after moments of hardship. You are truly inspirational to all of us”

– Farhana, The Challenge, NCS

Gurds, you’re an awesome influence and taught me a lot. Thanks for your help”

– Mustafa, Challenge, NCS

Gurds is a role model in what I want to achieve my dreams in. She has worked so hard to get to her goals, and I hope I can do the same”

– Mo, Challenge, NCS​

"The session went well. Gurds had the students onside straight away and got them moving around, talking to each other, sharing ideas and stepping out of their comfort zones. Overall, it was very positive, and the students responded really well. Gurds was great to work with."

– Mrs C Fennelly, HoCA for English, Alec Hunter Academy

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