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David Anderson - Pep The Poet

David Anderson - Pep the Poet

Scattering sunshine one poem at a time - Your mind matters, so take care of it!

David Anderson (known to many as Pep the Poet) is a passionate and engaging poet and well-being champion who delivers creative and impactful workshops for schools, universities, and workplaces. With a background in education and a lifelong love of language, Pep infuses his work with humour, warmth and a deep understanding of how words can connect, empower and heal.

From Miner to Rhymer

Pep's journey to becoming a poet and well-being advocate began in a most unexpected place: the coal mines of England. However, even amidst the dust and darkness, Pep found solace and inspiration in the power of words. He began writing poetry as a way to express his emotions and connect with others, and soon discovered a natural talent for crafting verses that resonated with hearts and minds.

Workshops with Heart

Pep's workshops are more than just lessons in rhyme and meter. They are interactive experiences designed to foster self-expression, build confidence, and promote emotional well-being. Through engaging activities, thought-provoking discussions, and of course, plenty of creative writing. Pep empowers participants to explore their inner voices, connect with their emotions, and discover the joy of self-expression.

Poetry for Purpose

Pep believes that poetry is not just a beautiful art for a but a powerful tool for positive change. He is passionate about using his craft to address important social issues, promote mental health awareness and inspire individuals and communities to embrace their unique stories.

Beyond the Workshops

When he's not busy leading workshops, Pep enjoys performing his poetry at events, collaborating with other artists and of course, writing new poems. He is also a strong advocate for the arts and education and frequently speaks at conferences and events about the importance of creative expression in personal and social development.

Road to Recovery

The road to recovery from addiction is a winding, often treacherous path but one paved with courage, resilience and unwavering hope. David now being sober for over two decades explains why he made the decision to break free from the shackles of addiction and reclaim control of his life. Through working a 12-Step program on a daily basis, David talks openly and honestly about the beautiful life he leads today embedded in acceptance, hope, gratitude and love.

A Spark of Inspiration

With his infectious enthusiasm, disarming humour and genuine care for others, Pep the Poet is more than just a workshop facilitator; he is a spark of inspiration. He has touched the lives of countless individuals, young and old and continues to spread his message of hope, self-discovery and the transformative power of words.

If you are looking for a unique and impactful way to engage your students, staff, or community, Pep the Poet is the perfect choice. Contact him today to learn more about his workshops and how he can help you create a space for self-expression, connection and well-being.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Following an increase with pupils at our school needing support to regulate their mental wellbeing, we invited Pep along to hold some workshops to support pupils in Key Stage 2. They were a huge success and the pupils really valued the time he spent with them. They were able to use the strategies effectively in their classrooms and less incidents were then reported. We then asked Pep to develop a staff workshop on mental health wellbeing which, again, had huge impact on the wellbeing of our staff.

Our staff truly valued the experience and were appreciative of having time spent discussing their needs and support for themselves. Following the success for our school community, Pep also delivered a workshop for our MAC conference in which many staff from around St Francis and St Clare attended. We will continue to work with Pep for the foreseeable future due to the extremely positive impact he has had on our entire school community."

– Mrs Kerry Cox, Vice Principal, St Mary’s RC Primary

"We have had the privilege to work with Pep on a number of projects over the last couple of years and on all occasions, he has delivered above and beyond.

Pep’s dedication to his craft and innate talent for connecting with his audience makes him a standout choice for any public speaking role.

Pep exudes professionalism in every aspect of his work. He always arrives on time, well prepared with bundles of energy to motivate and inspire his audience. He has a unique talent for engaging and connecting with the audience. Whether it's through storytelling, humor, or profound insights.

In conclusion, Pep is an exemplary creative expert who combines professionalism, engaging communication, and extensive subject knowledge to create a lasting impact on his audiences. Pep is a pleasure to work with."

– Louise Rose, Creative Development Lead, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

"Pep the Poet's journey of overcoming his self-worth demons and openly addressing the deceptive nature of fear in his presentation to our company employees has been truly inspirational. His willingness to share his experiences and emotions resonates with many who can relate to his struggles. Pep reminds us that it's perfectly okay not to be okay and that open dialogue about our feelings is crucial for healing and growth. His courage is a beacon of hope for anyone facing similar challenges."

– Jenny Bradley, Operations Manager, Executive Training & Consultancy Ltd

"Pep's keynote was nothing short of a breath of fresh air in our Trust's journey towards understanding and embracing mental health. With a blend of humour and heartfelt honesty, he didn't just speak – he resonated with many of us. His personal story, told with such authenticity, not only touched our hearts but also opened our eyes to the reality and importance of mental well-being.

His strategies weren't just words; they were lifelines thrown with a poet's grace. Simple, practical, and rooted in everyday life, they gave us tools to navigate our own turbulent waters. Pep has this incredible knack for making serious talk feel like a chat with an old friend – the kind that leaves you a little more enlightened and a lot more hopeful.

But the real magic happened in the echoes of his words. Staff members found the courage to reach out, to seek help, and to embrace their own stories, all thanks to Pep's inspiring session. His impact went beyond the applause; it sparked action and for some a sense of healing

In a nutshell, Pep was the poet our mental health conversation needed – insightful, engaging, and unapologetically real. A big thank you from all of us for not just sharing your wisdom but for lighting a path with it."

– Ben Davis, CEO , St Martin's Multi-Academy Trust

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