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Catherine Moolenschot

Catherine Moolenschot

She wrote her first book at 13, and now teaches students how to be their best selves

Catherine is a 21 year old Australian now living in London. She has achieved many goals and ambitions up to this point, such as: writing and having her first novel published at the age of 13, learning Dutch at 15, completing her first TEDxTalk at 17 (a second at 18) and completing a second novel at the age of 20. She has even conducted an interview series in which 35 highly successful people were asked about success and failure.

She is passionate about learning and developing skills as well as sharing her experiences in order to inspire others to reach and achieve their full potential.

After graduating from High School she launched her business, ‘Inspire Greatness’, through which she spoke to students all over Australia, inspiring them to be their best selves. Catherine helps students build their self-esteem, set goals they love, be resilient, handle stress well, and build empowering habits.

In interviews she is often asked what drives her. “I am really curious about humanity, and all that we can be. I love pushing the boundaries on what’s possible, I love evolving myself. And I love sharing what I learn with students, so they can implement these amazing tools now rather than in twenty years time. I want to see a world where everyone lives with meaning and integrity, and is delighted with their life.”


"Right from the start Catherine engaged the students with both the passion she displayed and the enthusiasm in her want to share. Her experiences are real and the honesty in how she approaches the students ensures they are listening and participating." Sarah Craddock, Year 12 Coordinator, Le Fevre High School.

“Catherine Moolenschot is an exciting and inspirational young speaker who addressed the graduating class of 2012 in December last year. Catherine is able to relate to people of all ages: young boys and girls, teenagers, adults and older people. Her stories of her journey through life, writing 2 books and the pursuit of understanding of the concept of success make for an exhilarating experience. Catherine has also spoken to the Rotary Club of Flemington of which I am President and held the audience spellbound for over 30 minutes. Her vibrancy and joie-de-vivre were a breath of fresh air for our members. I strongly recommend Catherine to any group looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker.” Lesley McCarthy, Principal of Flemington Primary School.

“I just wanted to say how inspired I was by you today. Not only during your excellent presentation, but just simply how you conducted yourself in conversation and behind the scenes. I find you to be an extraordinary young woman and you've got big things ahead of you!!” Deb van de Beek, Year 12 student, Bayside Christian College

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