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Andy Seed

Andy Seed

Inspirational, engaging and interactive sessions that will get your students, even the most reluctant, fired up to read books and achieve more academically

Andy Seed is a children's author who has the knack of getting children reading. A former reluctant reader (and bit of a naughty boy) himself, Andy is now the author of over 20 books, including a bestselling series for children which won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2015.

Andy is also a former teacher and deputy head and is hugely experienced in school visits, having worked with every kind of audience in both primary and secondary schools. With younger children he makes his talks interactive and fun while with older secondary students he switches into motivational mode, inspiring audiences to make a positive change in their lives and achieve more. He has spoken in over 200 schools both across the UK and as far away as Russia and Nigeria.

Andy's area of expertise is in the exercising and revealing the power of reading for pleasure. There is a huge amount of research which proves that young people who regularly read books not only achieve more academically (on average they are 3 years ahead at age 14) but significantly increase their chances of getting strong qualifications leading to better jobs. International studies find that readers suffer less stress and have fewer mental health issues in adult life than those who can read but choose not to.

After teaching for many years Andy became a full time writer in 2000 and after a number of rejections he signed a contract in 2004 with Hodder for his first children’s book, which went on to receive critical acclaim. In 2010, after appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh TV Show Andy was awarded an amazing three-book deal with Headline to write his memoirs for an adult audience. He then followed this with a series of six bestselling children’s books for Bloomsbury.

Andy loves to share the story of how he was not a good writer at school and struggled academically until he discovered a book he loved and then went on to become a reader. Reading unlocked Andy’s potential and he went on to university and success in teaching before discovering a gift both for writing and speaking.

Engaging audiences of school students is now hugely important to Andy because he wants them to know what he discovered: that reading for enjoyment can transform a young life and turn it around. By simply reading books, from funny adventure stories to collections of wildlife facts, students can get to grips with language, discover the key to good writing and build concentration, focus, knowledge, empathy and so much more.

If you want your students to know a simple, enjoyable way to make strides academically, increase their life chances, lower their stress and become mature, literate individuals then let Andy Seed use his inspirational enthusiasm, amazing experience and knowledge to open their eyes to the power of reading for pleasure.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Thank you SO much for your visit this week. It was everything we hoped for and more. The children were truly inspired, demonstrated by the number of children buying books! Justine said that she had more children in the library yesterday than she had ever had before, including some 'hard to reach' children. She was delighted. Children brought their books to Breakfast Club yesterday and were eating their breakfast and reading their Andy Seed books! The young man you heard about who 'never reads' but bought one of your books insisted on taking me to the classroom yesterday to show me the book he had bought."

– Lyn Hunt, Headteacher, Windwhsitle School

“Thanks so much for your session today! It was an inspiring morning and the Y7 students thoroughly enjoyed it and I really believe things like this can make a huge difference to their attitudes to reading. I'm writing an article for our school newsletter and for the local press and I'd like to include quotes from you about the importance of reading for pleasure and - if you feel willing to say something - about the Y7 students' behaviour and engagement with the presentation.”

– Louise Robinson, Senior Librarian, Highfields Schoo​l

"I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day last week. The children and staff had such an amazing day and many children (& staff) were left feeling inspired to read & write. The workshops received fantastic feedback and the day was a huge success. Thank you."

– Claire Wesley, English Teacher, St Mary's Primary​

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