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Andrew Pain

Andrew Pain

Motivational mental health Speaker, talking about; men's mental heath, toxic masculinity, allyship, psychological safety, burnout and domestic violence (MICF MPSA MISMA)

Andrew is on a mission to create healthy generations of young men and transform what is a bleak outlook for so many of our future men:

  • 75% of suicide victims in the UK are men.
  • 85% of homeless people in the UK are men.
  • 95% of people in prison in the UK are men.

Working with diverse organisations, including; The Crown Prosecution Service, Specsavers, Chartered Institute of Marketing, University of Liverpool, Birmingham City University, Essex County Council, Amazon, Lidl, and a range of schools and colleges, Andrew explores some of the key questions we need to ask if we’re going to make progress on men’s mental health, create cohesive communities and foster gender unity:

  • Why are men and boys struggling and what are we going to do about it?
  • Allyship, Gamma Bias, Beta Bias, Intersectionality, Psychological Safety, Toxic Masculinity: what do all these modern buzz words mean and why do they matter?
  • Abusive relationships: if 1/3 of victims of domestic abuse are men and there are over 2 million reported cases of domestic abuse each year (c750 000 male victims, c1.4 million female victims) how do we equip both our boys and our girls to spot the signs of abuse early and to look out for one another as allies?

Andrew is a survivor of long-term domestic violence in a former marriage and alongside his work on men’s mental health, he talks about; the struggles faced by male and female survivors, the need for gender unity in tackling domestic abuse, why people fall into and get stuck in abusive relationships, how to support people caught in abuse,, how gaslighting is manifested within abusive relationships, and the easy-to-spot differences between healthy and abusive relationship dynamics. He has also just launched a new podcast, Men on Show, celebrating the stories of ordinary men doing amazing things, whilst also exploring their views on modern masculinity, the issue of Andrew Tate and how to create a healthy generation of young men. Listen to Andrew's podcast here

Andrew delivers the following keynote sessions (learning points available on request):

  • Addressing Men’s Mental Health: why it matters and where to start.
  • How to stop burnout, so work/life balance is a reality not a utopia.
  • How to make critical decisions when the stakes are high.
  • Imposter Syndrome: why its toxic and how to beat it.
  • The mastery of time: how to get more done without getting busier or burnt out.
  • Challenging conversations: how to deliver them effectively and with confidence.

Andrew is a dad to 5, including 3 boys under 10, which means he’s a maid, tutor, cook, taxi driver, war-zone reporter, peace negotiator, professional blackmailer and bribery guru. It also means his daily Fitbit count is never less than 15k steps.

Watch Andrew in action here.

Watch Andrew's showreel videohere.

Testimonials from Teachers

I recently watched Andrew's webinar on procrastination through CIMA last week and having watched quite a few webinars through 2020/21, I have to say, it's one of the best I've seen. He is an incredibly skilled presenter and has a presenting style which draws the viewer/listener in effortlessly.

– Mark Francis, Chief Financial Officer, Spotlight Sports Group

Andrew's keynote talk was insightful, inspiring and grounded with a clear and compelling purpose, and he then delivered equally impressive sessions on Growth Mindset. We had high expectations of the day because of the reviews we had heard about Andrew and he met these. He is a real asset to any study skills, motivational or enrichment experience.

– Matthew Pike, Head of Sixth Form, Sir Thomas Fremantle Secondary School

I booked Andrew to deliver a half-day leadership workshop for a group of third sector CEOs, giving them practical strategies to help them make critical business decisions under pressure and do so promptly and with minimal stress. The session received rave reviews, both in terms of the original content, take-aways and delivery style and I recommend Andrew, both as a compelling and engaging public speaker, and as a workshop facilitator.

– Charles McLachlan, Founder, Future Perfect Company

Our short session with Andrew was informative and uplifting. Our team found is refreshing and reassuring that Andrew was able to share some of his own struggles. From conversations with colleagues since, I know that this has given more people the courage to ask for help. We would love to hear more from Andrew and will be inviting him to speak at our next Trust INSET day.

– Sophie Murfin, CEO/ Executive Principle, Wise Owl Trust

"Andrew was on time and most informative for our students. Thank you."

– Katy Chester, Assitant Headteacher, St Thomas More School

"Very happy. Great talk – took a great approach with what can be a difficult subject. Already received lots of positive comments from pupils. Someone we will definitely want to have back again."

– Liz Huxley Capurro , Head of PSHE, Stowe School

"Andrews' sessions went really well! Andrew was great and the students really engaged with him. He was really passionate about the sessions and worked really hard to get his story across."

– Abigail Harvey, Personal Development Manager, Joseph Chamberlain College

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