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Victoria Humphries

Victoria Humphries

Polar adventurer, three times Guinness World Record holder, mountain climber, marathon runner, author, businesswoman and just a ‘normal’ person

In 1997 Victoria, along with her mother Sue, became part of the first all-female expedition to the North Pole. Along the way they experienced temperatures of -40oC, constantly shifting ice and at one point both Sue and Victoria fell into the Arctic Ocean finding themselves in a life or death situation. The expedition tested their resilience, their ability to cope with a constantly changing environment and most of all their determination to keep on heading North no matter what.

Victoria is unusual in that she combines stories from her various adventures and challenges with her extensive commercial experience to create a talk that is both inspirational and relatable to the students. She is known for avoiding technical jargon and simply uses her real life experiences to inspire and motivate.

She focuses on helping students to recognise that they live in a ‘non-linear’ world; one where there will be constant change, they will fall over, they will need to change direction and there will be many times where they don’t know all the answers. She explains how resilience is not about being strong but about learning to pick yourself back up again and keep going. Victoria is passionate about inspiring young people, and especially young women, to follow their dreams and realise that by taking one step at a time they can achieve anything they desire.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Victoria, we thought you were ace! Indeed so did all the students and the staff. In fact, most of the staff reflected on how dull and boring their lives are in comparison! Your style was humorous, natural and you had them eating out of your hand. Super interesting. BRAVO!"

– Magnus Hinde, Year 4 teacher, Paragon School, Bath

"What a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for coming… you delivered a superb talk. Couldn’t resist sending you one quote from an e-mail I received this morning: I hope you don't mind me emailing you to tell you [son’s] comment as we walked to the car this evening "isn't it fantastic when you meet average people with amazing minds". It's just great when we get such inspirational people to come to visit."

– Titus Mills, Headmaster, Hordle Walhampton School, Lymington

Just wanted to thank you very much indeed for your presentations today. They absolutely hit the spot and the students were talking about them throughout the day. The fact that several came up at the end to talk to you individually said it all and the message about embracing challenges & hanging on in there when up against it was very empowering for both audiences

– Rachel Ifans, Speaker Organiser, Ralph Allen School

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