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Susan Heaton-Wright

Susan Heaton-Wright

From quiet geek in the corner to International Speaker: if I can do it - ANYONE CAN!!

Multi-award winning business woman who empowers people worldwide to make an impact in business conversations, former prize winning opera singer. Okay: that's what Susan has achieved against the odds - and it isn't exclusively sports people that show endurance, courage, overcoming major trauma and resilience: everyone is able to achieve incredible success! Everyone has the potential to achieve incredible results in whatever field they choose.

Susan empowers audiences and teams to make more impact by developing their communication skills. To build their confidence and influence, to find their support network and way forward so they can achieve amazing results. She inspires audiences to develop self belief; to change their mindset and to be the very best version of themselves they can. She motivates the audience to consider their personal ‘brand’ and how they could present the best version of themselves in interviews, when working with others, encouraging others to have confidence in their abilities. So often others – including employers and teachers, make decisions about your abilities based on the impressions you make and your personal brand. Susan reveals what and how you could influence others and oversome massive challenges through your attitude and mindset – using personal stories.

Susan has spoken to students, university students, teachers, business organisations and multi-national companies worldwide, with many success stories. Her aim is to make a difference and for everyone to achieve their potential.

Susan was massively underestimated at school, to the point that her school didn’t want her to apply to University. She found someone who would support her application: her formidable headmistress, but remained quiet and underestimated. Following significant trauma and physical illness, Susan was always involved in music, playing in orchestras, singing in choirs but was always told by her family 'don't show off or ask for a solo'. A chance encounter with a now internationally renowned conductor who she auditioned for to join his choir resulted in Susan retraining as a singer. She sang the lead in an off broadway production of the Pajama Game; was a soloist in opera, concerts and recital work throughout UK, in France Italy and Spain and broadcast on BBC1 and BBC2. She worked with extraordinary people like Graham Vick, Sir Simon Rattle and Sir Mark Elder as a soloist. Her old tutor at University said “I can’t believe you are doing this: you were so quiet at university!”

After she retired from singing, when she had a family, she set up 3 businesses, with no prior contacts. Her business Viva Live Music organised live entertainment for high end events in Europe and UK and her multi-award winning company, SuperStar Communicator empowers emerging leaders to speak with clarity, confidence and credibility in business conversations. Originally face to face, she and her associates have worked with attendees from 130 countries with clients including: Deloitte, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard and J&J.

But her speeches are not about her: this is about enabling her audiences to be bold, be brave and be FAB! She wants everyone to achieve and be brilliant!

And remember “If Susan can do it: you definitely can!”

Testimonials from Teachers

Susan’s training session was very informative and gave me some great ideas to boost my online teaching .She has a great deal of energy and her energetic personality made the session very enjoyable. Thank you Susan!”

– ​Ross Childs, Head of Languages, St Columba’s College:

"Susan delivered a great session for my peer "mastermind" group, giving us great insights as to how to create a real "WOW" factor with our clients. A superb communicator, friendly and approachable style, and a top quality virtual delivery with value packed content. Well worth it!"

– David Hyner, Motivational Speaker, Speaker Mastermind Leader

"Susan recently delivered a fantastic session entitled ‘Bringing the Human Connection into Business Conversations’ as a guest speaker on a recent CPDSO webinar. As a business leader in communication, she provided a wealth of information for our providers on having positive and impactful business conversations. As part of the brief, Susan also had great advice on structuring business communications and contracts to build long term relationships and repeat business. It was a pleasure to work with Susan, and would strongly recommend her as a speaker or trainer. She really is a Super Star Communicator!"

– Amanda Rosewarne, CEO & Co Founder, CPD Standards

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