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Siya Twani

Siya Twani

Be inspired, motivated and challenged by someone who, like Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned for making a stand against injustice in South Africa

Siya is a well-seasoned, thought provoking, passionate, inspiring, entertaining, motivational speaker with mission to empower people, especially children and young people, with resilience skills.

Do you have a special event planned, end of year assembly, Year 13 Leaving Event, or graduation, where you need a fresh face with a great story and a track record of inspiring others? Do you need a speaker who could make a real difference in students’ lives and studies?

The message that Siya delivers is fun, humorous, engaging, and impactful. Over the years he has successfully delivered inspirational, heart touching, and life changing workshops on various topics. He is thrilled to be involved with schools and colleges, engaging with students all across the country.

Having being brought up by both parents who were not highly educated, Siya had a dream of doing well. However, his educational aspirations and dreams were aborted when he was imprisoned for standing up against racism.

For Siya, education was the key to eliminating gender and racial inequality, to reducing poverty and a means to making his dreams come true. As Mr Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change our world." Siya had dreamt to alleviate poverty through education, and later on in life, managed to obtain degrees upon degrees and now lives the life of his dream. Against all odds he has made it.

His story is one that inspires and gives people hope to never give up on their dreams. Siya is an ambassador for people and his driving force is his power of self-belief to empower and to help people realise their fullest potential. He wants to pass his drive, determination and strength of character on to others.

His mission and aim in life is to enthuse, educate, and empower people, whoever they are, wherever they are. His passion takes him to schools, colleges, universities, and local communities. His inspirational talks are designed to inspire and empower students to pursue their ambitions and dreams through to a range of workshops for students and teachers alike.

He is professional and adaptable, and delivers bespoke and tailored made sessions to provide you with exactly what you need. All sessions are driven by a committed enthusiasm that encourages and inspires in a very fun environment. With over 16 years’ experience of talking in the education sector, Siya is highly recommended by Ofsted and other authorities and has the ability to put his message across in an articulate manner that is accessible to all.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Siya was absolutely amazing and inspiring. The students absolutely loved his engaging manner and asked to have him back again."

– Simon Colley, Focus School Wilton Campus

“You are truly a wonderful person who inspired us all and brought us all closer to a better understanding of humanity. You have such a remarkable and powerful story to share with the world which is not one of anger nor bitterness but one of love and a desire to bring people together. Thank you for being so kind, you have touched all of our lives I will never forget you.”

– Kay Wallis, Head Teacher, Norwich

“A range of visits and visitors add further experiences beyond those found in the immediate locality. One such experience during inspection involved Siya Twani a South African story teller who used a range of props, personal stories and media images to help the pupils understand issues of prejudice and cultural identity. In this session, pupils were visibly moved and enthralled. Discussions afterwards illustrated the powerful impact it had on them and their attitudes.”

– Ofsted Report 2011

"An engaging presenter who dispels stereotypes whilst culturally enlightening audiences."

– Ken Farquhar, International Science Presenter and Performer

"A thoroughly engaging speech from a man with a truly incredible life experience"

– Charlie Douglas-Hughes, Events Officer, New Hall School

"I have known Siya for about 20 years. He is a great man with a fascinating story and a passion for working with young people. Siya shows great empathy towards people he communicates with, whilst also having a great sense of humour! I highly recommend what he has to offer.”

– Robin Cox, Retired School Principal & Developer of Life Skills Programs in Southern Africa, and Youth Mentoring Programs in New Zealand and Australia

"FUN, WITTY AND INSPIRING... The three words I would use to describe a talk by Siya Twani... Siya never fails to leave his audience with a smile on their face and inspiration in their hearts."

– Linda Keats, Essex County Council

"Your session was inspiring and uplifting and made a lot of people step outside their comfort zones in a really positive way. Thank you again"

– Laura, Senior Children Centre Service Manager, Thurrock

“A highlight of the day was a session led by a South African (Siya Twani) who talked about his life and experiences and got all the students and staff actively participating in some lively African dancing!”

– Heathfield Community College, Eastbourne 2017

"Thank you for your involvement. It is highly valued by the University and the schools. Many thanks"

– Kate Beckwith, Arts Education Outreach Officer, University of Essex​

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