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Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Environmental Issues you can get your teeth into

Sarah is a naturalist with a thirst for adventure and a slight tendency for accidents. Luckily, she also holds a Wilderness First Responder qualification now, so is able to patch herself up in the field fairly well too! Sarah's degree in Animal Behaviour set her up as a wildlife nomad and also introduced her to heaps of environmental issues that she believes wholeheartedly everyone needs to know about.

Since 2012, Sarah has worked with wildlife in many countries from the Bahamas to South Africa, in a range of random roles, from assessing shark populations to tracking grizzly bears. Her experience within the natural world, amongst some of the planet’s most iconic ecosystems from rainforests to coral reefs, has given her a huge kick up the backside to do all she can to protect it.

Aside from the great outdoors, Sarah's big passion is storytelling. She is a huge believer that a lot of science is missed simply because people can’t understand the complex jargon or see how it would apply to their everyday life. So, through sheer stubbornness, she's sidestepped the 9-5 to pursue a career as an Eco-Journalist and Children’s Author to bridge this gap.

Testimonials from Teachers

"Interesting, informative and interactive. A very knowledgeable speaker, who struck a balance between being enlightening, funny and approachable all at once."

– Alexander Sawyer, Lecturer in Animal Studies, Myerscough College

"Interactive, informative and inspirational for the students, 10/10"

– Tim Loyd, Lecturer in Animal Management, Wigan & Leigh College​

"The kids loved it!"

– Mr Williams, Year 6 Teacher, St Mary's Stonyhurst​

"A session that was full of wonderful enjoyment. Inspiring and imaginative!"

– Mrs McQuillan, Class 4 Teacher, St Thomas Primary

"The Session was fact filled and inspirational"

– Mr Haines, Class 3 Teacher, St Thomas Primary

"Feedback from staff and children was really positive and they had all really enjoyed it"

– Rebecca Warnock, Deputy Head, Pear Tree Specialist School

"Sarah was brilliant. She inspired me to look after nature more. Her imagination to link a plastic bag to a jellyfish, I thought was absolutely fantastic. If she wrote another book I’d love to read it!"

– Thomas, age 11

"I really enjoyed today because she inspired me not just to clean up the beach, but to pick up litter everywhere I go. It was really cool how close and personal she got to sharks and stingrays! Her books were really clever and funny, but they had an important moral inside that everyone could understand"

– Jacob, age 11

"Clever and exciting. My favourite part was when the whale puffed out the water with Stanley!"

– Daisy, age 6

"Exciting! I liked when the whale gobbled Stanley"

– Jessica, age 6​

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